late autumn in riverworld

Monday, November 9th, was a gorgeous and glorious day. The sun was shining brightly on this pleasant, late autumn day. It was a good day to take a long walk. I walked to the cemetery where my dad is buried and then returned home, a distance of approximately eleven miles. 

Here I am, ready for my big adventure. Note that I have a pinhead. Well, my head is small enough that I fit into children’s hats but… really? My head isn’t that small, nor is my body that long. It’s fun to take pictures of my shadow. If you haven’t taken a picture of your shadow, I recommend it. It is good entertainment.

Autumn, of course, means winter squash. Pumpkin is a squash and here is a picture of a really huge one. 

Most of the boats have been put away. The slides are vacant. No one walks on the docks any more.

The leaves have fallen from the trees. The shapes of the bare branches attracts the eye.

Some people enjoy the creeks as long as possible. On a mild day, it is fun to get the kayaks out and enjoy the sunshine and the water and the scenery.

Off they go, down Spicer Creek.

There are so many ways to show off pumpkins.

This is a view of the other side of the river and its industry.

Along the east river of Grand Island, there are so many places for people to enjoy the river.

There is, however, very little public access to the river along the eastern side of the island. Near the cemetery, there is a trail leading to the river that is open to the public. The biggest stretch of land that is accessible to the public is at Buckhorn Island State Park. Beaver Island State Park also offers public access to the very southern tip of the eastern side of the island. All of the land along the western side of Grand Island is owned by New York State Department of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation. There are various places where one can wade or swim along the west river. Unfortunately, when walking along the west river, one must walk on West River Road, which is far enough from the river that the view of the water is minimal. There is a high-speed road that is closer to the water but pedestrians and bicyclists are prohibited on that seasonal road. Plans are to build a bike path on public land that is closer to the river. 

A few boat owners are hoping to enjoy one last trip before putting the boat away for the winter.

This is all that is visible of the Corona, a ship that sank in the east river a number of years ago. Notice the decayed dock. There used to be a hotel called the Edgewater back in Grand Island’s glory days. Grand Island had hotels, private clubs, and amusement parks. It was, in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, where people came to vacation and to enjoy themselves. Wealthy people had summer homes and they joined exclusive clubs. Less wealthy people stayed at the Bedell House, which has since burned down.

The color of the river matches that of the sky.

It was a good day and a pleasant walk. In my update of my 366-day photography project, I will include pictures taken at the cemetery.

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