K is for kitty cat


Three weeks ago, I became the foster mommy to a three and a half year old cat named Lucy, after her human mommy was placed in a nursing home and her human daddy passed away. Our start was very rocky. The cat had been torn away from all that she knew and was placed in an unfamiliar apartment with a strange human. She hissed and growled and sounded very fierce but was, in reality, a terrified cat.

After a few days of hiding under the bed, she came out and began to adjust. She is still adjusting and the process will be a slow one. There is no way to explain to a cat why her human is never coming back to her and why she can’t go home, where she had lived for her entire life, prior to her sudden uprooting.

As Lucy continues in her process of healing, she is showing more of her real self. She is an energetic young cat who enjoys climbing and jumping. She loves to sit on top of the tall bookcase and look at the world from her high perch.

She likes her crinkly tunnel toy and her other cat toys. She knows how to tell time because she asks for her breakfast at about the same time every day. She has happy meows and mad meows. Sometimes, when she is particularly peeved, she hisses. She is truly throwing a hissy fit.

When she’s happy, she likes to roll on the floor. She is the queen of all she beholds probably because she is Cat.

4 thoughts on “K is for kitty cat”

  1. I am so glad she sounds like she's adjusting. It must be so difficult to have your entire life as you knew it disappear. I remind myself of that with my 6 month old puppy. I got him two weeks ago, and he'd been adopted at age 7 weeks, then returned to the shelter 4 months later! No wonder he acts up, he has no idea who we are or where he is, or what cats are. All we can do is provide lots of love and patience. And in my case, training classes!

  2. Jayashree Srivatsan

    Lucy is absolutely adorable…. I grew up with many cats but then they were not restricted to apartments…. they would be in our home or a neighbors home who were equally mad about them and were free to roam around….Now my son has been wanting one and I kind of cannot grasp the idea of restricting a cats movements within an apartment though it's the practise now and safer for them as well…

    My mom used to call this color cat as "Buttons" dont know why!

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