J is for jab????!


It’s J day! What do I write about? My favorite baseball team is the Toronto Blue Jays! No one is really talking about baseball yet. Jumping jacks? They give me vertigo! Oh never mind! Not that! How about something that we talk about incessantly? Our favorite topic of conversation these days seems to be comparing notes on the Fauci Ouchie (aka The Jab). What brand did you get? Do you need two shots or just one? What kind of side effects did you have? Are you eligible for your Fauci Ouchie yet? Before long, everyone will be eligible and we can be on our way toward herd immunity. Speaking of which… I get my second Moderna shot next week. Oh, and speaking about shots, it seems that for a few months, we were treated to the sight of people receiving The Jab on a daily basis, thanks to the news media. Really? Was that necessary? Sometimes, I am willing to agree that things happen without a picture.

I was given a fashion statement to wear for the Momentous Occasion. 

Never did I imagine that I would be this excited about a vaccine. Oh, I lied. I have been excited about vaccines in the past. Late in 2007, I had a very unpleasant case of pneumonia. It was very rough. Fortunately, my mom took good care of me and she even read fairy tales to me, which calmed me down. I still love fairy tales. Well, actually, I always loved fairy tales and folk tales. But I digress. 

Anyway, back to being on topic. In the fall of 2008, I was very happy to receive a pneumonia shot. I have since gotten another because the pneumonia shot’s effects last ten years, and, when I got the second one, the first ten years had expired.  Oh, and the other shot that I was excited about was the shingles shot. That came in a set of two, as well. I remember how my dad suffered when he had shingles. The shots were definitely the better option. And, yes, I did have a reaction to the second shot. I was told the reaction is good. My immune system is working. I didn’t have the energy to cook meals, however. I’m gonna plan for my second COVID-19 shot. Have food pre-cooked. Easy to prepare is all good.

I wore jammies the day after the shingles jab. And speaking about jammies, I was wearing them all day for a while early in the pandemic. I’ve got a pair of jammies that are warmer than regular clothes. I had nowhere to go so I wore them. After a while, I realized that wearing jammies all day was something that I had to place in the Bad Idea category. I needed to get dressed to feel like I was part of the real world. Even if I couldn’t go anywhere, I needed to do that much for me. Also, I was starting to get into the world of Zoom and I didn’t want everyone to see me Not-So-Fashionably-Attired for a Zoom meeting. Of course, people only see you from the waist up and you’re in a box on the screen, like a Muppet. So… sweatpants were fine! Oh, and jewelry! I could wear that, too, if I wanted. If that made an impression in the Land of Zoom.

On the other hand, some of us don’t need to Dress for Success. But not everyone gets to be this good looking!

Well, that’s that for today. I will talk more about the Fauci Ouchie after next week! Also, I’m going to make sure to have easy to prepare food on hand so I don’t have to put much effort into cooking!

4 thoughts on “J is for jab????!”

  1. Got two Fauci Ouchies, Moderna.

    Sore arm after the first one for a few days, not after the second.

    The only side-effect (if you can call it that) was fatigue which I cured for spending the most of 3 days after each napping and sleeping.

    Let's face it, sleep is a good thing! And made up for some I had missed off and on for a week or so.

    I, too, had easy to prepare meals on hand. Soup is a precious gift from the gods. LOL

  2. Yes, the pneumonia and shingles shots are SO important to get! My husband died of pneumonia at only age 47, so I got the shot as soon as I was eligible. Same with the shingles one, I saw how horrible having shingles was when my mother had it. And a neighbor had it in her eyes.

    I get my first Pfizer this Friday. "Pfizer Friday!"

  3. Jayashree Srivatsan

    I am yet to get the vaccine as I dont fall into the currently addressed age group yet ….My mother got her first dose back in India …. Never did I imagine every corner of the world facing this kind of an invisible enemy and dealing with it through Zoom !

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