Just before sunset

This evening, I went to a potluck at an environmental chapel near the west river. The sunsets over the river can be quite spectacular. Well, anyway, we were talking about light and Epiphany. Just then, Vicki pointed out that the light in the sky was quite amazing. I looked outside and I saw blue clouds and a white light in the sky. It seemed kind of magical. 

For about a minute, I thought about taking a few pictures of the sky from the door of the building. But I couldn’t figure out how to keep the parked cars and the electrical wires out of the picture, detracting from the radiance of the sky. So I went outside and crossed the street and the median, so that I could get to the multi-use trail along the river. There, I found a good spot to photograph the sky, in its last moments of daylight.

It was a spectacular light to see. And it was very fleeting. Shortly after I returned to the building, darkness had fallen. It was just five o’clock in the afternoon, and it looked like nighttime.

Epiphany occurs during the winter, when the hours of lightness are brief. But it occurs after the winter solstice, and, slowly, the days grow longer and the light returns.

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  1. I feel the same way — I can't stand when the "modern world" gets in a nature picture. Makes my eye twitch.

    Hope you are having a great New Year!
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  2. Where do you want to go today?

    Yes, the light does change quickly around the minutes around sunset.
    It is a great time to capture pictures of homes with their lights on. They have a warm inviting feeling in that light.

  3. There is something magical about January sunrises and sunsets in this area. You captured a nice one. My favorite was the capture with the plants (the last one); I wish I knew their name.

  4. Yes, sunsets can be spectacular. Your photos certainly captured that. I know what you mean about wires in the way. I've never heard that epihanies. I will have to note what time of year I get them when they come.

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