Celebrating Western New York

One of the newer attractions in Grand Island is the Welcome Center. It was opened in August of this year. It has all sorts of great features, which include a charging stations for people who have electric cars. There’s a store, where local products are sold, as well as some hot foods. The products include cheese, jams, jellies, and much more. The meeting room is a comfortable place for local organizations.  Posted in the meeting room in a prominent place is a large photograph of the Grand Island bridges.

The building was designed to resemble a structure built by the famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. He was one of many architects who came to Buffalo at the turn of the last century, when Buffalo was thriving. He had spent some time in Western New York, where he designed the administration building for the Larkin Soap Company.

This window is designed
to look like windows
that Frank Lloyd Wright

Unfortunately, that building, which was considered to be futuristic, was torn down in 1950.  He designed a few houses in the Buffalo area. The most famous of those houses is the Darwin Martin house, designed for… Darwin Martin, who was an executive for the Larkin Soap Company. It is located near Delaware Park, which is the jewel of Buffalo’s parks system, designed by Frederick Law Olmsted.

Outside the Welcome Center, there is a small, enclosed dog park, where dogs can run around without their leashes.

There is also a display of
Western New York historical

There’s a big I love New York sign. 

Notice the brick column. It
is a replica of brick columns
at the Darwin Martin house.

The Welcome Center is very attractive and is definitely a good place to visit in Grand Island.

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Western New York”

  1. pamtheamericandogrunner

    Thank you for a little tour of another part of NY! I'm from Long Island myself, my dogs saw the uniform picture and wanted to go on a foxhunt before our workout! Since it's a rainy day, and we run with our phone I am choosing to not run today though especially now since they'll be looking for those foxes and deers along our course!

  2. It does seem like a nice place to stop in for a bit. I bet I would snap up one of the local jams. Sometimes I make toast just because of what I am going to get to put on it.

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