J is for jubilantly joyful

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Yesterday, I found daffodils for the first time. The sight was jubilantly joyful and it made spring unfolding feel real.

It was warm and the sun was sort of shining and I went out for a short walk to pick up food because I was headed to a different house for an overnight pet-sitting job.

That evening, as I was settling into my pet-sitting job, I looked out the back window and saw deer. Eight deer, to be exact. They were standing with their friends in the back yard and were looking around for something to eat. There still wasn’t much of anything. Speaking of deer food, if you don’t want your garden to turn into a taste treat for deer, plant daffodils and jonquils. Apparently, they taste bad. Deer consider tulips to be a taste treat or a delicacy. They like to dig in the ground and gobble down tulip bulbs. So, if you live in an area with lots of deer, I don’t recommend growing tulips.

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  1. There are a lot of ornamental plants that deer eat! A friend living out in the country (she has bears and deer) has good luck with hostas, in addition to daffodils. Yes, I know, different seasons. As for crocus, nice picture, and it reminds me how squirrels (I think) have played around with ours. They start in one place and the next year are somewhere totally different. At least my daffodils stay in place.

  2. I'd be shocked to see a deer in my Los Angeles neighborhood, but I wouldn't be too surprised to see some in certain nearby areas. Lots of flowers to be seen though. Not in my yard, but some of the neighbors have some very nice flowers in bloom.

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