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Spring is my favorite season. #AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary blogging from A to Z challenge letterEvery time I see flowers open up and buds swell and burst on trees, I feel full of joy. The colors and the smells are so…. ahhh-chooooooo! Um. Oops. All right. I have to admit that I am allergic to tree pollen. And grass. And these come in abundance in springtime. Doesn’t newly mown grass smell so… ahh-choo!… good? It’s so happy that it makes my nose itch. If your nose itches, that means that you’re going to kiss a fool.

Hahaha. (kisses self) Ahh-choooooo! (no, I’m not allergic to myself!)

Oh well. I’d rather sneeze than freeze!

Other than the incessant sneezing part, I would describe spring as lovely and idyllic. It’s truly the season of happiness and hope. So… idyllic. Here’s one definition that I found at the Merriam-Webster site: “pleasing or picturesque in natural simplicity.”

But with sneezes? Is that truly idyllic? 

And why not? Don’t we love roses? They are beautiful! Does that mean that you’re going to grab hold of a branch on a rosebush because of your mad love for roses. Roses have self-defense devices, otherwise known as thorns, that will cause you some level of feeling ouchy. Probably not. But still. What flower are we all going to get momma for Mothers’ Day next month? Well, probably roses. It’s to show love, not because we want her to jab herself with thorns. 

Anyway, happy spring, and I hope that your scenes are idyllic, warm, and full of color, even if they are sneeze worthy.

4 thoughts on “I is for idyllic”

  1. Gesundheit! I’m with you – Spring is lovely, even here in Arizona. Crocus don’t bloom, but our cacti blossom with the most beautiful flowers you’d ever want to see. I never had allergies until I live to AZ. I’ve lived in NY for 48 years, and CA for 15. Not one sneeze. The moment I moved to AZ – BAM! I need to buy stock in Kleenex. Shots twice a year too. But the flowers that bloom here in the spring are mouth dropping. And yes, I too would rather sneeze than freeze!

  2. Bless you! I know just what you mean with the allergies – but I have them year-round, especially here in the south.

  3. What a fun post, thanks for the late night smile. The flowers are beautiful. I'm lucky with low allergies. Rather sneeze than freeze needs to become a motto or something.

  4. Bless you! My husband also has the seasonal allergies (in addition to a deviated septum) so I feel for you. So far I haven't been that touched but the last couple of years I think I'm starting to get some sensitivity. Spring is too beautiful a season to sneeze through!

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