It’s time for some writing fun!

The COVID-19 (Novel coronavirus) means that we have to engage in social distancing. No hugs, no handshaking, no restaurants, gyms, events with more than ten people. No school, no community events… 

But there is always light, even during a dark time. It is still fine to take a walk outside and to visit parks and take photographs. Bring your hand sanitizer and don’t use public restrooms! 

And there’s plenty of stuff you can do at home, such as crocheting, drawing, playing a musical instrument, cross stitching, journaling, reading, exercising with DVDs or streaming services, etc.

Today, I am going to share a fun creative writing activity that you can do on your own or with your family. Yes, you can do a creative writing activity as a group. It will be a lot of fun and it will give you some laughs at a time when laughs are necessary. This activity is the first in a series so keep looking for it here. Oh, and feel free to share with friends and students and others.

Today’s creative writing project involves collecting a few objects. Go to your bedroom and pick three to five objects that you really like. And then, write something about it. You can use any format for writing that you choose, including (but not limited to) short story, creative nonfiction, poetry, memoir, graphic novel, etc. Feel free to illustrate your story. As I mentioned earlier, you can do this by yourself or you can make this a shared project, sort of like a game of Pictionary or charades.

The writing prompt (first few words) for this activity is “Today, I…” And you must incorporate each of those objects that you selected in your writing.

If you don’t really like to write, why not dictate it to a scribe or voice to speech program or to a voice recorder on your phone or your computer.

By tomorrow, I will open a Facebook group for people to share their creative writing activities. This is, of course, voluntary, but I would encourage it because sharing fun makes it even more fun!

Here is a sample story:

objects: afghan, pillow, eyeglass case, teddy bear, telephone.

genre: short story

Today, I woke up startled to the demanding and jangly sound of the telephone. Oh, the noise of that landline. So annoying. But so necessary because cell phone reception in my home is abysmal. Almost nonexistent. At least, I can text. But other than that, I am trapped in the twentieth century of technology.

“Hello,” I muttered sleepily, as I accidentally threw both the colorful afghan and the pillow onto the floor. I reached for my eyeglass case and, instead, hit my head on the wall. “Ow!” I squawked to the… whoever was on the other end of the phone. Why I answered it, I have no idea. I didn’t recognize the phone number.

“We have just the answer for your back pain,” announced an unfamiliar voice.

“Back pain?” I murmured as I grabbed hold of a stuffed teddy bear. The teddy bear looked as if it were smiling. Smirking, maybe. It probably was listening to the telemarketer. Maybe the stuffed teddy bear had a secret for getting rid of an annoying telemarketer.

“Yes, back pain. You have sciatica. You have pinched nerves. You have fused vertebrae. You have arthritis. You need the cure that only we can provide.”

“Back pain?” I murmured yet again, wondering how it was possible for one person to have that many conditions at the same time.

“Your back is killing you at the moment.”

I immediately grabbed at my back, wondering how it had turned into a vicious murderer that would kill everything around it. The teddy bear looked as if it were laughing.

“We have just the thing for you. A nice back brace. It is available today only as a BOGO deal. You buy one and you get one for free because why not wear two back braces? You will get double the benefit. You will feel spectacular, like you have a back of steel.”

“Two back braces?” I repeated, trying to sound like a complete air head. I figured that the telemarketer would give up fast if he thought that I was a total bubble brain.

“You’ll find that the braces weight a lot but there is nothing like some good weight bearing activity, such as getting out of bed, to make you feel really strong and really good. You will pay $99.99 as a one-time payment or you can pay four easy $30 payments. And, of course, there is a minimal shipping and handling charge of $45, as well as sales tax.”

“We just need your credit card number.”


“Credit card number!”

“We are playing cards?”

“Your credit card number!!!”

“Okay. Seven, four, jack, king, ace, two, three, and nine.”


“Wait. I’ll be right back. I misplaced my credit card.”

I set the phone down on top of the bear and the afghan and the pillow and took a shower. A slow shower. When I returned, the telemarketer was still yelling “CREDIT CARD NUMBER!” I turned off the phone and went to have my breakfast.

Check for the next creative writing activity on Saturday!!! Also, check this blog post tomorrow for a link to the Facebook sharing group.

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    Yes, his wife made him bring an afghan and pillow to Afghanistan. And, he's finally coming home- so he called her on the telephone to let her know. He stuck his money in the eyeglass case (not many folks would look for it there), and plans to buy a teddy bear for his daughter he's never seen before he reaches his door.
    Such excitement.

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