Introducing… alice’s photo caption contest!

It’s time for some audience participation sort of fun in this blog. I have posted two pictures below. Your task is to make up captions for the pictures. They can be serious, silly, poetic, or anything that you like. Use your imagination, and have fun. Just make sure to enter because my captions (picture number one and picture number two) are kind of lame. Next week, I will share the results of the contest. 

Please don’t forget to post your captions in the comments section. The results will be in next Sunday’s blog.

Picture number one

Picture number two

5 thoughts on “Introducing… alice’s photo caption contest!”

  1. Well this looks like fun! I'm excited to see what everyone else comes up with. Here is my contribution:

    Picture 1: Come forth child. I will bless you and give you big hugs. Yes I will.
    Picture 2: And darkness fell from the light.

  2. One more time. I keep trying, and keep not succeeding. First, great idea. Second, love the pictures. Third, I'm not good at captions, but I'll try. Fourth, thank you for giving me a chance to be adventurous.

    Picture one – What? You expected fireworks to herald my entrance?
    Picture 2 – The night was banished

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