Inking through October!

I was really tired today so I fell asleep and had a dream that I saw the above image in the mirror! It was obvious that I couldn’t see where I was going because… where were my eyeglasses? Oh, and my hair? And what’s with that fashion statement? Apparently, I was trying something new and different! Something new and different with pen and ink… and here on this website because…

Not only is this the first day of the last Ultimate Blogging Challenge of 2023, it’s also the first day of Inktober!!!

And there is this season changing thing going on, too!

And the honeybees are busy, pollinating fall plants and getting ready for a long winter. Speaking about bees, did you know that honeybees are not native to North America? They are not considered an invasive species, however. They are doing fairly well and are not endangered. There are several species of bumblebees, on the other hand, that are endangered. The bumblebees are native to North America. Two different bumblebee species are on the endangered species list. They are the American bumblebee and the Franklin bumblebee. The Southern Plains bumblebee is not on the endangered species list, but it is threatened. The main dangers for these bees are habitat loss, pesticide use, and, oddly enough, competition from honeybees.

Who knows what adventures I might have with friends this month? This picture was taken at the English Rose Tea Shoppe in Medina, New York. I really liked Medina and found it to be a very attractive town that was quite walkable and had just about everything one could want on its main road.

See you tomorrow for the next episode!

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