Indoor fun on a cold Sunday

A Request: Thank you for coming to the site and reading my stories. One of my goals with this blog is to make it more interactive with readers. I’ve shared stories on a wide variety of topics, from painting to politics to environmental issues. I’ve used a number of writing styles, including  political satire, fractured fairy tale, journalism, photo essay, and creative nonfiction. I’ve shared a few creative writing exercises and, below, I’m going to share another one.

Now, I have a favor to ask of you. I’d like for you to ask me questions. Is there anything that you’d like to know? What questions would you like to ask of me?  Would you like another writing exercise? Another fractured fairy tale (you choose the story)? Another interview with President-Elect Mighty Mouth and his friends? A photo essay? Ask me anything! Tomorrow, I will answer questions. So, please leave a comment below and ask me a question! Thank you!
And now, for the writing exercise. Today, I am using a random plot generator. Below is the link for the random plot generator. The goal is to help you create a story line. With this random plot generator, you will get two characters, a setting, a theme, and character action.

Link to the random plot generator:
click here for random plot generator

Today, I am going to share the results of the random plot generator, and, on Tuesday, I will write a story, based on the results of the random plot generator. If you’d like to write a story with the characters, setting, theme, and character action that I have selected at random, that would be great.  This is all meant to be fun on a cold day so enjoy. And here we go:

We’ll start with the main character: a woman in her sixties, who is very wise.

Now, because we need characters who conflict, the second character will be a woman in her fifties, who is very cruel.

The goals for this section will be to give the two main characters names and to describe them. How is the older woman wise, and what caused the younger woman to become cruel and vindictive? 

Setting: The story begins in a forest. That’s good. The plot thickens. It’s winter and the snow is falling and the forest is dark and scary.

Goals: Describe what the forest looks like and what it smells like. What sounds are you likely to hear in the forest in the winter? Are there any animals or birds?

Situation: Someone who is thought dead is discovered alive. (in a forest, during the winter.)

Goals: figure out how you discovered this individual, who is still alive, even though everyone thought that this person was dead. Does this discovery create conflict between the two major characters?

Character action: Your character has to resort to underhanded tactics to achieve results.

Coming up: Tomorrow, I will answer any questions asked in the comment section below and, on Tuesday, I will share the story based on the writing prompts. If you’d like to write along with me, that would be great. If you’d like to share your story in the comment section on Tuesday, I would enjoy that. If people do create stories and post them in the comment section, I will share readers’ stories in a future post.

2 thoughts on “Indoor fun on a cold Sunday”

  1. I won't be writing with you today, but I do have an observation. I would like to get advice from an expert. Next Sunday, I hope to blog about an incident (speaking of standing up or not standing up) I was involved in some 25 years ago on a public transit bus. A white man, who looked to be mentally unstable (and also quite muscular and ready to fight) harassed various passengers especially a an Asian woman, calling her the most vile things (both concerning her ethnicity, and the fact that she was a woman). The bus driver did absolutely nothing. And then he came towards me…. I was truly scared for my life. If this ever happened again – and it just might – I don't know how to respond, how to try to defuse the situation. I am wondering if you know anyone who might have some insight.

    1. Next time someone threatening approaches you, report this to the driver. Since the driver is concentrating on driving, he probably isn't aware of the mentally unstable man threatening his passengers.

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