If I could go anywhere in the world…

I would go to where the big birds fly. The birds that can see while flying high amongst the clouds. The birds that swoop down and the birds that fly high in the sky.

I would sit amongst the birds with big bills that sit calmly and peacefully with their friends, enjoying the sunlight and the warmth of the day.

I would go to the place where the birds flaunt their colorful feathers as they dance gleefully. It would be a beautiful place, this place of celebrating with birds.

I would go to the place near the water where I could quack with the ducks. And I would take off my shoes and socks and roll up my pants and I would dance in the water, just like the ducks.

I would fly with the ospreys to Panama and watch all of the different birds in Boca Brava Island. I would draw their portraits and I would enjoy the magic of seeing such rare bird species as the frigate. I would spend my day watching the birds as they do their dances in the air.

I would arrive when the birds weren’t watching…

And I would tell stories of creatures that live on the Earth and that can transcend the law of gravity, pulling themselves away from the ground up to beyond the clouds…

And I would find joy in the silence and the magic of the birds, when I go to the places that the birds go.

5 thoughts on “If I could go anywhere in the world…”

  1. What a cool approach on how to answer this question. Lovely pictures, too. You would definitely spend an interesting day with these different birds!

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