G is for Grook

I look for something that pops energetically from the ground.

A grook is is a poem that is aphoristic in nature. It is short and it has a rhyme scheme. An aphorism is a pithy statement, such as “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

If I were to break a law
I’d like it to be the law of gravity
Being earthbound has to be some sort of flaw
like I’m living in some deep cavity.

I am waiting for something bright and green
Something that pops energetically from the ground
not on a day when the harsh rainfall feels mean
and the baby plants look as if they are drowned.

I can’t watch the news
without fearing for the future of everyone
there’s nothing to be gained and too much to lose
when desperate people hide their fear behind a big gun.

9 thoughts on “G is for Grook”

  1. Alice, wow! Nature and politics all in one concise poem! Well done. I do love it when I see a word I’ve never seen before. And “grook” drove me right to my search engine! I doubt I will ever look up Piet Hein’s grooks, learn Danish, or go read any of his 10,000 grooks. But yours is fun! Thanks!

  2. The grook was my first choice as well for the letter G but since I had written about it earlier, picked a different poetic form today.. Love how you combined so many different themes in your grook

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