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Sooo…. I hven’t acquired a pet gecko, but I do spend a fair amount of time at a house with two resident geckos. Watching them has made me realize that they are interesting critters. Did you know that a female gecko can be pregnant for years before she finally lays her eggs? A harlequin gecko can be pregnant for three to four years. 

Here are some cool things that I found out about geckos from looking at the treehugger website (Here is a link to the website for more gecko fun: all about geckos).

Geckos have magic feet and can stick to almost any surface that exists. And that’s not the only thing that is magical about a gecko. There’s also their eyes. Super sensitive to light. They can see really well and in color in the dark. If us humans were like that, our electric bills would be minuscule. Another gecko super power is that, if it’s in danger, it can snap off its own tail to get away from its attacker. And later on, the gecko will grow a new tail. 

Geckos like to eat insects mostly. Among their favorite foods are mealworms, crickets, dubia roaches, and hoppers. In the wild, however, geckos will eat pretty much anything that they can find. Unfortunately, on occasion, they also have the habit of eating their own young. After being pregnant for four years.

What are some of the more bizarre behaviors that you’ve observed in your own pets?

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  1. Where do you want to go today?

    Most of my experience with pets involves cats. I know each one has their own personality and likes and dislikes.
    Yes the Geckos are very special creatures. I like your term "Super Power".
    Their colours can help them hid of make them stand out to attract a mate.

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