Big Foot is an endangered species and other wacky laws…

The Sasquatch Law: Sasquatch, also known as Big Foot, is described as large and hairy and humanlike. He may even be cousins with the Yeti or the Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas.

Apparently, no one has ever actually encountered Sasquatch. If people had come across Sasquatch, we would know for sure whether Big Foot exists or not because of all of the selfies that would flood social media. .I don’t know if Big Foot would want to be a Social Media Sensation.

I suppose that it would be okay to take a selfie with Sasquatch. It is not, however, okay to kill Sasquatch. In Skamania county, Washington (state), if you are convicted of murdering Sasquatch, you could go to prison for five years. Big Foot has been designated an endangered species, even though no one has actually ever seen Big Foot.

Here are a few more wacky laws for your entertainment:

Don’t eat other humans.
Cannibalism is illegal in Idaho. Amazingly enough, Idaho is the only state to actually ban cannibalism. You could go to prison for fourteen years for cannibalism unless you can prove that your circumstances were extreme and life threatening (think Donner Party). Apparently, no one has ever been prosecuted for cannibalism in Idaho.

No personal nukes in Chico, California. It is illegal to build, maintain, and use nuclear weapons in Chico, California. You can’t threaten to nuke people you don’t like, just because they are annoying. There are better ways of making yourself glow in the dark and, thus, visible to traffic when you’re crossing the street, such as wearing a reflective jacket. Plus you’ll be charged a $500 fine and, most likely, your nukes will be confiscated.

A really sharp law in Florida: It is illegal to have sexual relations with a porcupine. I’m not sure why you would want to, unless you’re another porcupine.

4 thoughts on “Big Foot is an endangered species and other wacky laws…”

  1. Jaime Brainerd

    Oh my, Alice, those are some silly laws. I also live in the PNW where Sasquatch is prevalent (mostly on bumper stickers, t-shirts, hats, and the occasional art piece shaped like Big Foot loitering in people's yards. IDK, maybe Sasquatch would like to be on social media. Let's find him to ask.

  2. It's fun to look for the silly laws on the books. There must have been someone who tried to have sex with a porcupine in Florida. I mean come on — it's Florida… LOL

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