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This is actually my second blog post of the day! It must be some sort of record for me. I don’t know if blog posting is a contest or not. Uh, but I digress. 

Anyway… back on topic. Which is really cool blogs. So, without further ado, I will introduce the cool blogs for February 2021!

They are being presented in no particular order because this, too, is not a contest! Oh, and, feel free to click onto the titles! They are links!

The Martha Review!! This blog presents just about everything.

One of the recent topics has been healthy eating, with pictures of scrumptious meals. It just makes you want to eat the food right out of the screen. Alas, that’s not a reality right now. There’s also a guest blogger named Lia. She is quite the young lady. She cooks and bakes and sews and she is a great friend to the dog. Actually, I should emphasize the word young. She’s very young. Who could ever imagine that someone who is just two years old (okay, two and a half) could do such amazing things? And tell stories about them? Martha’s great grand daughter is a wonder. Check out Lia’s stories, which usually appear on Fridays, along with all of the other posts!

Florence Callender’s education blog! 

Florence Callender’s blog is a great resource for teachers, parents, students, and anyone who is interested in learning disabilities, learning strategies, and education in general. She provides interesting, very understandable, and detailed information about subjects that are sometimes incredibly complicated.

Welcome to Gingerbread Cottage! 

Jeanine Byer’s blog feels very cozy. I just want to put on my softest clothes, grab a cup of tea and a few pillows, and relax with Jeanine. She talks about living in the slow lane and about food and books. Jeanine just makes me happy. There is a gentle warmth to Jeanine’s blog that makes me feel hugged. She also introduced me to a new word: hygge. It’s a Danish and a Norwegian word that’s all about coziness and comfortable conviviality. 

Lady in Read Writes About Reads! The Lady in Read is also known as Vidya.

She spends a lot of time reading books, as it appears that she has a complete library in her head (or someplace else equally accessible). Her writing style is fun and informative at the same time. If you’re looking for an interesting book to read on virtually any topic, just check out the recommendations from the Lady in Read, and you’ll be set for your reading adventure!

Kebba Buckley Button’s blog about stress & healing & much more! 

Kebba Buckley Button is a published author, an ordained minister, and an expert in stress reduction. Her blog posts offer practical suggestions on how to deal with stress, how to find a happy space in which to function, how to let go of the past, and even how to cry. She has a pleasant conversational style and a knack for addressing difficult issues of daily life in a loving way. In Kebba’s blog, you will find a whole set of techniques for identifying your source of stress, as well as helpful suggestions for dealing with the stress.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about these delighful bloggers! Take a look at their blogs and enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Five really cool blogs for you to visit”

  1. You are such a good writer, Alice!! I love the dry sense of humor with which you write. It has been said that a dry sense of humor runs in my family, too, but suspects it has run away by now. Thanks so much for honoring me by including and mentioning me and my blog with such kindness! I appreciate you and your blog, too, and am so glad we are connected. I also love the way you introduced Lia and am still chuckling. You almost had a "take my wife, please!" thing going on – I could see you walking around on a stage.

  2. Oh Alice, how delightfully you write! You had me smiling the whole time as I read. I even laughed out loud while reading your review of Vidya's blog. Thank you for highlighting my blog. I'm honored.

  3. First, so honored that you included me in this list!! And totally agree with both Jeanine and Florence about your delightful wit and style of writing. You do it so effortlessly.. and you inspire me constantly, as do all the others you mentioned today..
    Am so glad for the UBC because I got to know all of you through this platform (so thank you Paul!)

  4. I love your writing style. I’m impressed with so many blogs on the UBC and yours is definitely one I will follow going forward.

  5. What an honor you both Lia and me to be included in your top 5! I know it's hard to decide because all the bloggers are awesome! Your picks are the same as mine, I guess great minds do think alike! LOL I have been enjoying your blogs for many years and look forward to many more! Thank you and let's blog on!!

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