Five fascinating, thought-provoking blog posts

Today’s challenge from the Ultimate Blogging Challenge was to share something from the internet… other blog sites, places that you go to do research, get entertainment, get recipes, etc. Hmm, recipes. That could be the focus of a future blog post.

Today, I am sharing five blog posts that I’ve read in the last week. Each blog post had a message that made me think. They were interesting and I enjoyed each of them. Below are links to the blog posts and a brief description of each one.

Roy Ackerman visits Selma, Alabama

Roy Ackerman maintains a blog called “Cerebrations.” Yesterday, he talked about his experience visiting Selma, Alabama, as part of his series on his Martin Luther King, Jr., weekend. He talks about the history of Selma, as well as his visit to a synagogue there. Roy has a firm grasp of history, and his weaving the personal with the historical made for a fascinating, well-written and thoughtful blog post.

Do you enjoy playing tourist in your home town?

“Bookworm” maintains a delightful blog. She writes about music and about her upstate New York community. She says about her blog:Learning more daily about writing, photography, and the importance of chocolate in a well-lived life.
In this blog post, she explores the idea of being a tourist in your home community. Do you live in a community that tends to attract tourists? If you do, do you go and visit the tourist attractions yourself? Can you play tourist in your hometown?  This blog post explores the idea that we might be overlooking fascinating and beautiful places, just because they are close to home. 

Mount Fuji and miracles

Blogger Jeff Lupinacci writes about an experience that he had in Japan. He and his family and some friends went to Mount Fuji. Mount Fuji is an active volcano and, at 3,776 feet, is Japan’s highest mountain. It is called “fuji-san” and is considered a destination for pilgrimages. It is one of three sacred mountains in Japan. In the blog post, Jeff recounts a miracle that occurs on the mountain and he asks readers if they have experienced miracles in their lives or the lives of friends or family. This post made me feel as if I were there with Jeff’s group of people. It reminded me that miracles are possible.

Do you recognize your personal value?

This post is from a blog called “Words of Encouragement: Carrying on my dad’s legacy.” I enjoy reading this blog. It is very positive and very encouraging. The blog post that I am sharing is a reminder that life can be very challenging. It is not easy. We face rejection, failure, and loneliness. The blogger offers encouragement and a faith message. It is a good mix of support and faith without being preachy. This post made me think and it reminded me that God does not make junk. No matter how frustrated and discouraged one may feel about life’s challenges, there is always hope for better days. Everyone has value.

The value of proofreading your blog post

K. Lee Banks writes about the value of good writing for a blogger. She speaks from experience as a professional writer and an educator. The aspects of good writing that she emphasizes are grammar, spelling, clarity, and coherency. She says that they all matter in creating a successful blog post that will encourage readers to continue visiting your blog. This is a good reminder for all of us to proofread our blogs before hitting that “publish” button… and that is exactly what I intend to do!

Today’s question: In future sharing posts, what sort of things would you like me to share? Songs? Recipes? Or something else? Let me know in the comments section.

4 thoughts on “Five fascinating, thought-provoking blog posts”


    Great choices, there, Alice. Of course, the first one – maybe not…
    But folks should certainly check these out and have a good read!

  2. Alice, your posts are among the ones i have read many a time over the UBC journey and enjoyed each one.. and your choices here are great as well!

  3. Great choices (of course, since mine is one of them) but seriously, thank you and I will check out the ones I am not familiar with.

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