A day in the life of… me!

Today’s blogging challenge is to write about a day in the life of… me! The questions asked were: Do you have a routine that you follow? Are you completely spontaneous? Do you handle work one way and your personal life another way? What kind of meetings do you have?

For me, at this time of year, work is slow. The gardens are dormant. I do get a few freelance writing and editing jobs. I could go for more freelance writing and editing jobs. In the next few days, I will start on a job to put together a photo album of historical pictures, with descriptions of what is in those pictures and when the pictures were taken.

Here is my illustrated today:
On a typical Thursday morning, I have a quick breakfast and then go to my Zumba class at the Grand Island Dance Center. The class meets on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. But this morning, just as I hovered between sleepiness and half awake, I got a message from the teacher, stating that she was still fighting a virus and was canceling the class. I immediately flipped over and went back to sleep. I had been up late, baking cookies for the Huth Road Elementary School staff appreciation luncheon (scheduled for tomorrow) and writing the minutes for the Conservation Advisory Board. Sleep felt good. About an hour later, I slowly and gently woke up. It was trying to be light outside but the sky was overcast and it still seemed dark.

“I’m not going anywhere until my painting class,” I thought. “I could make an omelet!” I got out my ingredients and had a little kitchen fun. In the meantime, I had to empty the dishwasher. I remembered that it was fun to set the camera on “fisheye” and to take pictures of the inside of the dishwasher. It’s a cool way to enjoy emptying the dishwasher.

The distortion inside the dishwasher is quite entertaining. I like the utensils that are congregated closely. They look as if they are attending a Utensil Party. Um. I digress.

This is a delicious orange… or maybe it is a tangerine. It’s very juicy and tasty. It’s full of sweetness that fills my mouth with joy.

Here is another view of that magnificent piece of fruit, whether it is an orange or a tangerine. 

Somehow, the omelet turned into a frittata. Omelet fillings are folded in the center of the omelet, which is folded over before serving. The frittata ingredients are cooked in the pan with the eggs, and the frittata is served flat, rather than folded over. I garnished the plate with orange slices. 

At noon, my friend Mary Lee picked me up. We went to Stella Niagara, in Lewiston, New York, for a watercolor painting class. The watercolor painting class occurs twice a month. This time, we were going to paint glass bottles, vases, and jars, with colorful reflections. Above is a bottle, a glass, and a vase. I quickly got to work on my painting. 

This is my painting. I chose to paint five objects just because it is an odd number. Each one is painted a different color to bring joy and life to the picture.

After the class was over, we posted the art gallery on the closet doors and discussed the paintings and the things that make each painting unique. This painting was done on a beautiful sheet of large watercolor paper that had lots of texture. It made the painting look very textured, which was a wonderful look.

In this painting, the jars and vases overlap and are nicely placed on the table. 

This is a very loosely painted image, almost ethereal.

After painting class, I went home and warmed up leftovers for dinner. After dinner, I ate some of those cookies that I had baked last night. I have to do Quality Control, right? I have to make sure that the school staff is treated to delicious cookies. I made sure. Yummy. Toll house cookies, made with dark chocolate chips… that definitely passed the taste test.

My evening activity was to attend the Grand Island Conservation Advisory Board, which meets on the third Thursday of the month. We advise the Town Board on all issues related to conservation and the environment. We also organize and run educational programs for the local community. So far, we’ve had three educational programs. The topics that were covered were: taking care of your stream bank (riparian zone), emerald ash borer, and taking care of your septic system. About half of the island is on a sewer system, while the other half is on a septic system.

We meet in a downstairs conference room in town hall. One of the walls is decorated with a large picture of one set of bridges over the Niagara River. Another wall is decorated with historic pictures of Grand Island.

This sign is fairly new. 

Meeting is over! Time for a little fun! 

After the meeting, I go home and… write this blog post! And thus, my day winds down…

How was your day? What was the most enjoyable part of your day? Let me know in the comment section below.

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  1. Alice, that is certainly a wonderful day packed with a whole lot of interesting..
    Totally loved your painting – it is vibrant….

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