the 366-day photography project: week 24

It’s time to post an update of the 366-day photography project. I am excited to report that I have managed to take at least one photograph per day since I started the project on September 1st. And, amazingly enough, I’ve taken photographs of things other than my food and I have not taken any photographs of my feet. Well, maybe one. But still, I’m not photographing food and feet on a daily basis.

On Monday, January 11th, I was getting busy with my big media project for the week: an article about agriculture in Grand Island. 

During the week, I interviewed five individuals, who had a variety of perspectives on farming in Grand Island: three farmers who have applied to have their farms included in the Amherst Agricultural District, Town Supervisor Nathan McMurray, and County Legislator Kevin Hardwick.

This is Tom Thompson. I buy my lovely brown eggs from him. He has had hogs in the past. He also has grown sweet corn in fields behind his house and he is looking to grow more vegetables. In the picture, he is holding the plaque that was given to him in Albany, when he went there for a meeting of the Farm Bureau. He was honored for his contribution to agriculture in 2015.

On Tuesday, I saw something interesting outside… snow! Well, we haven’t had much of that lately; hence, the snowless Christmas. I took pictures of the bears in snow. The snow was not to last long. A few days later, it rained and the snow melted.

I like to take snow scenes in black and white.

Snow-covered tree.
This is the Cheese Girl.

On Wednesday, I made a good-sized pot of lentil soup.
Here I am, taking pictures of my food. It is a bowlful of lentil soup. Next time I make it, I’ll cook the rice separately. Also, I’ll add more vegetables to the soup. The soup is vegan and gluten free.
Snow looks beautiful on the branches of evergreens.

On Thursday morning, I was tired but happy. My article about agriculture in Grand Island was finished. It had snowed during the night. I took the bears outside and took a few photographs.

The bear sits on the evergreen.

On Thursday morning, I went with Tom and Betty to County Hall. We were going to a meeting of the Energy and Environment Committee. There was to be discussion of the farms, many of which were in Grand Island, that the county would choose to include in one of fourteen agricultural districts in Erie County. 

I also learned something about the building. It was built in 1870 and is one of the older buildings in Buffalo. That really is not old for a building. There are reasons for that. In the War of 1812, Buffalo was burned down by the British. So any buildings that existed prior to that time would have been turned into cinders. Other historical buildings either burned down or were torn down (and replaced by parking lots).

After the downtown adventure, I went back to Grand Island and had lunch with Tom, Keith, and Betty. We went to Dick and Jenny’s on Grand Island. The food there is wonderful! I had half of a portabella mushroom sandwich and a cup of tomato-basil soup.

I’ve embellished on the cheese human design.

On Friday morning, I looked out the window. It had snowed. It looked like Christmas! The snow came too late for Christmas but it was fun to see it. The neighbors are not using their swimming pool these days.

Bears apparently can’t make a decision so they’re sitting on the fence.

Snow everywhere…

Outdoor work still goes on in the winter…

Winter bears in the snow…
The snow humans come to life on a snowy night…

Tomorrow, the gospel reading at church will be about the wedding feast at Cana, when Jesus turned the water into wine. The reading will be presented as a skit, with Jesus, his mother, a bride, a groom, a wine steward, servants, and wedding guests. After the church service, there will be a wedding reception, which will feature dancing, wine, and hors d’oeuvres.

Next week:  More snow?

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  1. Alice, I LOVE the array of photos that you share! I just found the weekly photo challenge that I started since I too love to take photographs. I especially like flowers, landscapes and wild life.

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