E is for early spring effervescence

It got warm today.

And, after church, I suddenly felt a need to be outside, exploring nature and the wonders of the change of seasons.

So, off I went to Buckhorn Island State Park. The park looks sparse. I wondered what was happening and soon had my answer in a sign that said that the park was in the midst of a restoration project. 

Buckhorn Island State Park has been full of invasive plant species for some time. And, now, those plants are being removed so that native species can grow again without being crowded out by the aggressive invasives.

The park also looked kind of sparse because the park’s many ash trees were either dead or dying.

Buckhorn was full of life, however, in the form of migratory birds, especially gulls and geese.

Smaller birds were chirping overhead.  As I walked on the path and headed out on the peninsula, I saw more and more birds, swimming in the river.

As I got nearer to the end of the peninsula, I could hear the birds, screaming and crying out to one another. I could see them standing in large groups on a nearby small island.

Spring is unfolding slowly. But unfolding it is, with bird cries and swimming geese.

For me, the experience of watching the birds felt like early spring effervescence. The river was full of energy and excitement. And hope for a spring renewal, as well as for a beautiful restoration that will bring back the native species of plants. That will mean more butterflies and bees and more song birds. There is much to look forward to as spring continues to unfold.

7 thoughts on “E is for early spring effervescence”

  1. It's about time spring unfolded, considering it snowed (for you and us both, I suspect) as recently as Friday. Seriously, I love to see Nature come to life.

  2. Cerebrations.biz

    Wow! I never knew folks would remove non-native species from a park. Your township clearly has a surfeit of funds for infrastructure.

  3. Yes, there is much to look forward to as spring unfolds! Your observations about the birds reminded me of something I used to do when my son was little. Whenever either of us saw a group of birds together, we'd say, "bird meeting!" and then, we'd speculate about what they were meeting to discuss. 🙂

  4. Hey Roy and anyone else who is interested in how this project is being funded: the money is not coming from the town because Buckhorn is a state park, not a town park. There are various grants that are covering this cost, which includes one from the Niagara River Greenway Project. Work was done during the winter and is ongoing.

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