D is for design

Today, I am posting pictures of teacups and teapots. It’s quite pleasant to drink tea on a cold day. It’s warm and comforting and inviting.

I especially like bone china teacups. They are small, delicate, and they often are decorated with floral designs. I have a few that I bought at garage sales.

It’s fun to drink tea out of such a lovely cup.

This is another teacup. It’s made from a different material, and the floral design is more artsy and less realistic than the bone china teacup.

On Saint Patrick’s Day, I used that teacup and the saucer for a painting. A few years ago, I did a “teacup project.” For an entire month, I drew or painted the same teacup in a variety of settings. It was very challenging to come up with something original every day, but it was a good experience for me. Maybe that will help delay the onset of dementia… for about ten minutes???

Here are a bunch of teapots. They are pretty cool, and I’m thinking that I’d like to make a teapot painting, especially of one this pretty.

This a cute, rather modern design.

This is a more traditional design. The pattern is quite ornate.

What could be better? A cat? Think that Zoe would like some tea? Should I offer tea to my cat? Let’s hope that she doesn’t raise her tail high in the air and walk off in a feline huff.

13 thoughts on “D is for design”

  1. Nick #thisyearinmusic

    Gunpowder tea is really nice, but I can't drink too much.

    How did you come upon today's theme? Just having a tea and it dawned on you?

  2. I love tea cups, tea pots and tea!! I have it every day. In fact, you've just reminded me of some I have in the fridge. I've started making some of my teas into cold teas in case I want a few swallows but don't want a whole cup of tea.

  3. They are all so beautiful, but my favorite is the teapot with the gold trim! I got stuck on the letter D, now I see your "design" and hit my head, I'm a designer! DUHH!!!

  4. So pretty! I have a few of my grandmother's teacups. I should probably use them more often instead of just treating them like display objects.

  5. So cute!! I love the modern blue one and the one with the cat on it! I work at a teahouse and we have vintage cups that our patrons can choose from when they order tea 🙂

  6. Rawknrobyn.blogspot.com

    I have a tea set from Victoria much like the first one pictured. But it's not nearly as fun as the cat.
    Thanks for visiting, Alice.
    Keep having fun with the Challenge.

  7. I love teapots! My Mom had one her brother in law brought back from China (he was posted there after World War II) and I loved dusting it, and the cups, when I was young. Your "traditional" teapot, in particular, was so pretty!

  8. i love teacups and pots, but i am a klutz so i don't own them. i love seeing the old china — well, from china and the other asian places. they are very elegant. wedgewood and the other european companies have places in my heart too.

    wouldn't be able to afford any of it, but it's a pleasure just to look at them.

  9. Thank you for visiting! My teacups were not too expensive because I bought them at garage sales and rummage sales, where you can get some amazing deals!

  10. Holly Jahangiri

    I like that last one a lot!

    I just realized that I have collected a few odds and ends, over the years, that had some sort of sentimental value and were therefore wrapped and boxed and stored safely out of sight.

    How stupid is that?

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