continuing to create worlds

the daisy yellow index card a day challenge

street scene in a yellow world (the prompt was “yellow”)

Today is day 44 of the Daisy Yellow Index Card a Day Challenge, and I am still as happy about it as I was on day one. Each day, I get a new prompt, and I have that day to come up with a concept for the word. It pushes my imagination into overdrive, and I can tell that, after more than a month, my imagination is getting stronger. It’s sort of like exercise. If you do it consistently, you’ll notice improvement and growth. So… today, I was finishing newspaper articles and getting ready to go and proofread the newspapers, followed by a visit to the gym for a circuit training class. And I saw that the prompt for my index card art was “whimsical.” I thought about flowers and how I wanted to present them. Should I make them realistic or more stylized? Should I draw or paint?

When I got home, I started drawing, and I realized that the image was more stylized than realistic. I made the decision to outline and draw a bit with thin markers. But no paint. These decisions were borderline impulsive but they were based on images that had been dancing about in my head during the course of the day. Here it is:

whimsical. I created this to be an escape from the challenges of day to day life. I’m thinking about embroidering this image onto material, maybe as a tote bag.
what the heck is an ogee??

That is when the dictionary is my best friend. I remember a time when I was a kid in school. Kids would ask the teacher how to spell a word, and the teacher would say, “dictionary.” None of the kids were asking how to spell dictionary. I thought that the teacher’s answer was very odd and unhelpful. If I don’t know how to spell a word, for sure, I will not find it in the dictionary. But I digress. Sort of. The prompts are the opposite of the words that we couldn’t spell. There isn’t a single right answer as there is with spelling. The prompts are very open ended, and any interpretation is good. And that’s what I like about them. Even if I don’t know a word and have to look it up, as I did with “ogee,” I have the freedom to come up with my own interpretation and my own image.

Well, that’s all I can think of for today. I will write one more blog post about the index card challenge before the last day of this month, which is also the last day of the challenge. So bye for now!

10 thoughts on “continuing to create worlds”

  1. I love how unique every participant implements these prompts! Another UBC writer, Lily, does this index card challenge, too, and I am always amazed about what she comes up with.
    Will the mouse use the secret portal or follow the usual sign?
    Happy Friday!

    1. Hi Tamara! Thank you! Lily is very creative and very adept with abstract art! I love her artwork. I think that the mouse may use the secret portal, and I think that I will need to grab a sketchbook and follow the mouse. Who knows? Maybe there is the possibility of a book about what happens to the mouse after it uses the secret portal!

  2. I love your postcards. You are so creative. I like how you wrote about getting better after doing something every day. I find this happens for myself. Since the stroke I have challenged myself to do things every day; play Wordle, Elevate and crossword puzzles. Over time I can see the improvement. It’s worth noting these small “wins”. ~Cheryl

    1. Thank you very much! You’re doing great, Cheryl! I’m so happy that you have been challenging yourself and your brain after your stroke! Each win is such a gift!!

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