Content that evokes memories

Today’s blogging prompt from the Cornerstone Content challenge is to share content that evokes memories.  So I decided to share a whole bunch of images of things that might evoke memories in the form of an acrostic. An acrostic is a poem where the first letter of each line spells out a word or a phrase.

that evokes memories

chocolate icing on a beater

orange juice, freshly squeezed

nutcrackers and Clara and her prince

ticker tape parades

electrical storms that cause a fright

night skies full of fireflies

toasted English muffins with nooks and crannies

twinkling eyes of tall tale tellers

hideous & funny hats, all for the trying

ants that go marching on and on, hurrah hurray

tadpoles swimming in a jar

empty, hopeful feeling Christmas stockings

vanilla and chocolate ice cream in a bowl

old pictures of long ago people who look like you

kings on a checkerboard

enigmatic cats leaping at dancing pieces of light

starshine and solar eclipses

milkshakes after scrabble games

elephants arranged on a mantelpiece

muffins with cups of steaming hot tea

overcoats and galoshes to face the winter winds

river rocks and driftwood

ice cream cones melting under the sun

elegies in a church yard or a back yard

songs that stick in your head for at least a week

5 thoughts on “Content that evokes memories”

  1. Kebba Buckley Button

    Alice, wow! I read all the memory phrases first, then read down the first letters– wonder/full! Your memory phrases really jogged a lot of distant and pleasant memories for me. Thanks!

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