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 It’s hard to believe that the Ultimate Blogging Challenge for May 2021 is almost done. And it’s also amazing to think that I have participated in two back to back blogging challenge, with April being dedicated to the A to Z challenge. I am very grateful to everyone who has taken the time to read my blog posts and commented on them. Today, I am going to share the comments from the interview post that I did with Jeanine Byers, as well as a Wordless Wednesday post.

Jeanine interviews Alice!

What delightful answers, Alice!! I also like to eat when I’m
bored. But unluckily, I often find that eating settles indigestion. Wish I had
an upside down smile emoji to put there. That is so cool about your
relationship to tea and times with your mom. My love for tea is also connected
to the women in my family. My grandmother used to make the best sweet tea I
have ever tasted. I would drink so much of it that I wouldn’t care if I ate –
and I still often find that to be true with tea. But my mom loved morning cups
of hot tea, and sometimes had them at night, too. I love that you write about
living with gusto! That’s so neat. And how wonderful that your self care
routines include exercise. I love movies about free spirits. I like funny
songs, too, and for some reason, the one you mentioned reminded me of one I
have always thought was funny. It’s one that winks at you, about a girl with a
brand new pair of roller skates & a boy with a brand new key. That is a fun
song to sing! So is Helen Reddy’s The Last Blues Song. But both of those are
pop songs and so old, they might not be available at a karaoke bar. Thanks so
much for allowing me to interview you!


You’re very welcome, Jeanine. Thank you for a list of questions that permitted me to dig inside and to share the things of my heart. That is something that I observed in your blog: the ease that you have in discussing the things of your heart. And that is why I asked you to interview me. I felt confident that you could get past the surface and that you would be able to talk to the essence of me.

Jamie B: Hi Alice and Jeanine, Great idea having a blogger
interview. I have never heard of visual journals, but now I am intrigued as I
love to paint.

I also like your self care routine with the bath bombs, that is
something I have on the calendar to write about this Sunday. About the
Tea-Par-teas that you and your mother started, how about having a virtual one
with your blogger friends? I am sure there would be a good handful or two of us
that would love to see your smiling face. Virtual tea-par-teas isn’t quite
traveling, but you certainly can build a good list of friends to visit when it
is safe for everyone to travel again!

Sending lots of love and gratitude,


I think that having a Virtual Tea-Par-Tea with blogger friends would be a fantastic idea. I think that we could do it via Zoom.

I believe that our next Ultimate Blogging Challenge will be in August, and I could try to set up the virtual Tea-Par-Tea for August! It would be a fun way to get together, plus it would be a great way for me to honor my mom. I think that she would love to know that the tea event that she created for the two of us is being shared with others who love tea. Look for an invitation some time in August!

Dominique: Blogger interviews are always fun. This was a very entertaining read — I love the story about drinking tea. It made me think about spending time with my mom. Thanks for the read!

You’re very welcome! I am so happy that Jeanine asked me about the tea. In fact, right now, I am enjoying a cup of hibiscus tea. It’s a nice, relaxing herbal tea that’s good before I sleep.

Martha: What a great interview Alice! I loved your replies to the questions.

Thank you so much, Martha!

Kebba: Alice, I loved reading your answers to the questions. The comment that will stick with me for many years is your Mom’s statement: You should drink from a bigger cup! The more I know about you, the more interesting you become. Thanks for sharing about you!

My mom really loved her large cups. And she loved her tea. 

Floral Dreams (#wordlesswednesdays): In this blog post, I shared pictures of springtime flowers, with very few words.

Martha: What beautiful flowers, the colors are so vibrant and happy!

Thank you, Martha. I love bright colors. It is the thing that I love about springtime. After a gloomy monochromatic winter, the color slowly starts returning to my world and, before I know it, everything is bathed in vivid color. 

Dr. Renee: I feel like I should ‘say’ anything on Wordless
Wednesday but it’s hard to comment without words 🙂


You are an amazing photographer. Thank you for taking me on
a Spring walk (we still have a little bit of snow on the ground, but it’s
supposed to be 70 degrees tomorrow).

Thank you so much. I was happy to share my spring walk with you. And, for sure, springtime weather is crazy and unpredictable.

Doug: Hi Alice do you spend a lot of time editing
these beautiful pictures or do they come out of the camera looking this great?

Thank you so much, Doug. I do tend to take a lot of pictures. And I reject a lot. Usually, the only editing that I do is to crop the picture to improve the composition. I am fortunate to also be a visual artist so I’ve had a lot of training as a painter in composition. Maybe in a future blog post, most likely in August, I could talk about ways to compose a photograph or a painting.

Flo C.:
Hey Alice, I love spring and I adore flowers. Thanks for
contributing to my enjoyment of life today.

You’re very welcome. It is my pleasure.

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  1. Alice, congratulations on completing the blogging challenge. I pray that your commitment produces that results you wanted it.

  2. Kebba Buckley Button

    Alice, yes, you raise some powerful points about women and our relationships with tea. You and Jeanine have brought up the memory of my mother's mother and her favorite tea: Constant Comment. She actually called it "Constant Comfort", and I never knew if she was making a mistake or being affectionate. Whenever I see or smell or taste that tea, I am immediately transported to my grandmother's kitchen. Thanks for the memories!

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