Ghost riders of the sky and stage

Next Tuesday, August 1st, at 7 p.m., the Grand Island Community Chorus will present its summer concert at Saint Martin in the Fields Episcopal Church on Baseline Road in Grand Island. We will sing a short and fun concert, which will be followed by a (yum) ice cream social. The concert will feature a variety of songs from different genres, including a medley of cowboy songs. So, for your entertainment today, I thought that I would share one of the songs that will be included in the medley: Ghost Riders of the Sky. This is the original version of the song, as recorded by Burl Ives.


Question of the day: What sort of music do you enjoy during the summer, either as a performer or as a member of the audience?

6 thoughts on “Ghost riders of the sky and stage”

  1. Couldn't listen to the song as it's blocked at work. Will check it out from home. All the best to you 🙂

  2. Shirell Dalton

    He has a very unique and captivating voice. I've only been familiar with his Christmas songs. And the one that mainly comes to mind is "A Holly Jolly Christmas".

  3. For me, my music of choice is rock of the 80's. But any rock will work. Your concert sounds like fun, too.


    Sounds like a great event. I, for one, would pass on the twang, but I became exhausted of the genre after 13 years of living in Charlottesville.

  5. I listen to all kinds of music as I want my son to learn about it and respect. Which has even lead to us listening to Rap Songs. So I knew this song just not his version but will share it with Charlie this morning to see what he thinks of it. As for a Concert how fun if I was closer I would come. As for Ice Cream yummy.. Have a great day.

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