Celebrating the earth mother (pachamama)

Today is mothers’ day so I decided to celebrate Mother Earth. Four years ago, when I went to Ecuador, I spent a few weekends in an indigenous community, where I learned about medicinal plants and where I experienced the celebration of the vernal equinox.

I celebrated Mother Earth by walking in nature and by picking up litter and discarding it in trash receptacles.

It is finally spring here in western New York, and the trees are blossoming in a variety of beautiful colors. It was truly delightful to see, touch, and photograph these beautiful blossoms. It was also nice to see the buds bursting with baby leaves, so translucent and delicate and soft. I can never get tired of spring, my favorite season.

In western New York, we have many different types of apple trees. We have larger apples, such as red delicious, northern spy, empire, and others. We also have various types of crab apples. In fact, I found out a few years ago that it is a tradition to plant flowering crab apple trees in Grand Island. These trees are generally called “flowering crab trees.” Some of the crab apples look like smaller versions of regular sized apples, while others are very tiny and bright red.

We also have a fair number of pear trees. Wild grape vines can be seen all over the place. These are invasive and they tend to take over. The fruit is edible but it produces so many seeds, which are spread everywhere because of the birds that eat the wild grapes. Well, I eat wild grapes, too, but I don’t think that I spread the seeds with as much gusto as the birds!

Another sure sign of spring are the lovely lilac bushes. They are flowering late this year. Today, I noticed lilacs just partially opened. They have a delightful aroma and I can’t help but stop and sniff them as I walk past.

I walked to the bike path to take a look at the springtime joys.

The trees are now clothed in baby leaves…

People and their dogs are out, enjoying the glorious day.

The one down side in the magnificent day that I experienced was the sight of the creek. This is Woods Creek. Notice how low the water level is. This indicates that there has been far too little rainfall. The earth is starting to crack from thirst. The sunny days have been delightful but we need rain. The earth mother needs a nourishing drink of water.

Here is another view of Woods Creek.

More apple blossoms…

Another type of apple blossom…

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  1. Keeping the momentum of a-z alive with the road trip, Sandy at Bridge and Beyond

    About to put on my walking shoes, I enjoy nature also, even when I walk in the neighborhood, as it'an old neighborhood with big trees and lots of flowers. Problem with all the pretty trees that flower in spring, no sooner do they burst forth with color and fragrance then we have a windy storm and they're gone. The never last very long.

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