Berry Bear’s story day

a momma bear story

Betty Bear, sister of Berry Bear

Hi and happy mother’s day to all humans, bears, cats, dogs, and other creatures who nurture other critters in a loving way! It’s Berry Bear here, and I am going to tell you about my sister Betty Bear and her very wild Bear Cub, named Boo Boo Bear. He is called Boo Boo because he makes lots of Boo Boos, and he laughs about them day and night. When I visit my sister’s family and we are telling Bear stories late at night, I can hear Boo Boo Bear giggling. Once I asked Betty Bear about that, and she assured me that Boo Boo Bear has very happy dreams and that they make him laugh a lot.

One day, I went to visit Betty Bear. When I got to her den, located in a very large hollowed-out tree, I could see that Betty was very grumpy. In fact, she was a real bear! I told her that she was acting like a very grounchy bear, and she just growled in a bearish growl that I could hardly bear. Actually, it was quite unbearable. When I told her that she was too grumpy, she told me that, if I couldn’t bear it, I could just go elsewhere! I told her that I would go away after I gave her her gift! She just growled a bit fiendishly until she saw the beautiful honey pot. Then she invited me in and told me that she had some roots and berries for us to share and that they would taste delicious topped with honey.

I walked into the den, carrying the honey. It was a special dandelion honey that I bought at the Gourmet Honey Shoppe in BearTown. I gave the honey to Betty Bear. Just then, I saw Big Bear and Boo Boo Bear walk in. They were laughing and happy. Boo Boo Bear let loose with a jumble of words about how he had seen some girl called Goldilocks and how she ate his cookie when he wasn’t looking and how she pronounced it “just right.” Big Bear just laughed and said that Boo Boo Bear had a huge and silly imagination and that he ate his own cookie. At that very moment, a human girl who looked a bit lost and confused walked into the den and asked for Boo Boo Bear. She said, “I’m sorry that I ate your cookie,” and she gave him another cookie before running back into the woods. We were all very surprised to see this girl because, except for Boo Boo Bear, none of us believed that she was real.

Boo Boo Bear set the cookie down and Betty Bear cut it into four pieces because it was very big, sort of like a cake. He told Betty Bear that he made a special card for her. We all sat down and enjoyed our treat together.

Happy Mother’s Day to Betty Bear!!! Love Boo Boo Bear
Another story by Berry Bear!

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