B is for baby plants and bright beginnings

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This morning, I noticed a crocus growing in my garden area. It was open and I could see the lavender petals and the bright yellow center of the plant. It was delightful to see. After a winter that felt as if it would never end, anything growing from the ground felt like a miracle.

A few days earlier, I had seen the red breasted (another B-word!!!) robins fluttering around the Niagara River and elsewhere. Then it snowed, and the robins just kept fluttering around. They didn’t seem to care but how would I know if a robin cares or not?

Since I don’t have any snow drops, the first flower to bloom in my garden is the crocus. I went outside to look for it and, there it was, the first vivid color in my garden since last autumn.

The first moment of finding new life in the garden feels so wonderful and magical. It is magical because, in the twinkle of an eye, the ground has opened up and has pushed bright color into the sunshine. It is magical because the first signs of color in the garden are so tiny and delicate. It is magical because the air is still cold, yet the tiny new flowers display their power of resilence. It is truly the start of spring unfolding.

8 thoughts on “B is for baby plants and bright beginnings”

  1. I love the first flowers of spring, although here in Oklahoma they are sometimes a little premature as they come up and along come a frost to get them. Still, those first signs of spring, like the first returning birds are a reason to smile, and hope. Loved your pictures.

  2. You're right, it is magical! Spring is really here. Although here, today, it is c-c-cold and I have the heater on. But I did see a cardinal (another c word).

  3. It is magical, and if I did, one day, move to a place such as Florida, I would miss the awakening of nature. To me, it is magical. I just don't want it to snow and sleet on April 5!

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