A is for April Fools Day!

For me, April Fools Day started early. Yesterday morning, to be exact. After I woke up and stuck my glasses on my face, I looked out the window.

The sight shocked me. It looked like… um… Christmas??? All right, so March is supposed to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb. But was the lamb supposed to be this white and this fluffy? Was this an April Fools Day trick, sprung a day early??

How was I going to stick to the theme of the A to Z blogging challenge? I had chosen “spring unfolding” as my theme. This was clearly an indication that, if spring is unfolding, it is doing so in slow motion.

As I write this now, I can see that much of the snow has melted and I can hear the birds singing their early spring birdie songs.

The very springy sound is juxtaposed against the sight that I see in the back yard, where there is standing water and yellow-brown grass and bare trees, with their tall branches leaning toward the sun.

It’s coming.

Spring that is. Come visit me here and watch my world lean a bit more into spring, a little bit more every day.

14 thoughts on “A is for April Fools Day!”

  1. Actually, the weather provided a great start to your "spring unfolding" since now Spring can unfold from scratch, starting with winter. But seriously, I got that "winter comeback" surprise in the Binghamton area although, thankfully, we only got a dusting and it was gone soon enough. The sun even came out in the afternoon! By the way, would you consider switching your commenting setting to "popup" as the A to Z moderators suggest? If you've been having certain troubles with commenting on other Blogger blogs, the popup setting helps prevent that for your readers.

  2. Love your photos. I'm sorry to hear you guys having a late spring. Here in Fairbanks, Alaska we have a really warm March. Most of the snow and ice on the roads are gone. Trees started to bud out – it's really early for us. I'll be following your post from A to Z.

  3. Reporting that winter came back in Quebec City too! Lovely photo by the way even if it's not really what we want to see at this time of year…lol!

  4. Weather has been weird every where. Here in the mountains it's been cold too and it's supposed to be spring. Happy AtoZ. All the best.

  5. You're right. That's look more like winter than spring. Ah, well. Maybe that means you guys need a little more cozy before you dive into freshness and newness.

  6. Beautiful photos as usual! I remember the late snow falls from upstate NY, my dad would call them poor man's fertilizer.

  7. Beautiful photos! Spring will be here soon 🙂 Visiting from the A-Z Blogging Challenge! Looking forward to your future posts.

  8. Morgan Cartwright

    The snow is so pretty! But I'm done with it too! We did have some flurries last Saturday, but definitely nothing like that. Snow is part of spring now. 🙂

  9. Sure is pretty to look at. I'd like to see this kind of a scene outside our windows, but it's unlikely to happen here in Los Angeles. I can see the snow on the mountains though and that's pretty nice.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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