At home in the water

Ready for a kayaking lesson.

Today, with a group of intrepid ladies, I went to Beaver Island State Park for a kayaking lesson. The instructors were Tina and Kelly. The sky was bright blue and sunny, and the temperature was comfortable. It was a good day to learn some kayaking skills.

We explored the lagoon at Beaver Island, where the water was calm and the kayaking was relaxing. We saw a high platform that was built to attract birds to nest there. It had been in the lagoon for three years, and, this year, an osprey family was nesting there. Both parents were very visible on the platform next. Every now and then, one of the babies flapped its wings. It won’t be long before the babies start flying. We looked up and we saw turkey vultures flying overhead, as well as a few cormorants. There were a few mallard ducks happily swimming in the lagoon. 

We paddled underneath a bridge and we practiced some new skills, which included traveling backwards and sideways. We learned how to go around in circles, sort of like doing donuts when driving a car. We then went under another bridge and we left the lagoon. We had a chance to feel the waves of the Niagara River. We paddled against and with those waves. It was exciting and fun. Then we turned around to go back. We had to paddle with enthusiasm to get back under the bridge. 

After we returned to the lagoon, Kelly and Tina showed us safe ways to capsize the kayaks, which are actually less tippy than canoes. They also showed us how to right the kayak and get back into the kayak without capsizing a second time. It was entertaining and educational to watch but none of us tried it because we were not dressed for a swim.

The kayaking adventure was great fun. I was told that I never stopped smiling. I felt very much at home in the water. I really enjoyed the sense of freedom and peace that came from being in a human powered water vessel. If you’ve never gone kayaking, I would recommend it. I am eagerly looking forward to more kayaking.

Today’s question: What did you enjoy about this weekend?

4 thoughts on “At home in the water”

  1. Oh I enjoyed a birthday party for my grandson who turned two. It was wonderful to see the little chappie actually laugh his head off. Normally he is a quiet little fellow who just likes to watch the others have a good time.


    I'm a canoeist. I've kayaked in Alaska, but I prefer the canoe. Glad you had a fantastic learning lesson.

  3. I've only been in a canoe once, and in a kayak never. I did go white water rafting once. I was never more exhausted (but in a good way) after that rafting trip, which was in Pennsylvania. Why don't I get out in the water more? I really don't know. Maybe I'm too much of a bookworm. It did sound like you had a great time, and I hope you get more opportunities.

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