At a Global Crossroads: Turn Against War

On Sunday, I am traveling to Madison,Wisconsin, to join a group from Voices for Creative Nonviolence. We will start walking on May 1st in Madison and we will arrive in Chicago on May 18th. I am looking forward to this adventure, as we will walk through some of the same places that we visited on the Witness Against War walk in the summer of 2008. Our walk is titled  At a Global Crossroads: Turn Against War. The walk is timed so that we arrive in Chicago to greet the visitors to the NATO summit.
During this walk, it is my goal to explore the conflict between Alice the Artist and Alice the Activist and to try to figure out ways to reconcile the two. I will be using a visual journal and am bringing paints and pencils and various other things so that I can do mixed media during my trip.
I’ll have plenty of pictures to share when I return!

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