Ask me anything!!!

Today, I went to the farmers’ market. It was one of those summer days that are pure delight. Everything is in bloom. The colors are delightful and dramatic. It was a good day to be outside.

The blogging prompt for today was for me to ask you to ask me questions. You could ask about anything that you like, and I will answer them in a future post. I might answer them with pictures, but I will most definitely answer them.

Please ask your questions in the comments section below. If you ask them on Facebook, I will still answer them here!

Ready… get set… go!!! Ask away!!!

5 thoughts on “Ask me anything!!!”

  1. Beautiful pictures, as always! You have a gift. Here's my question: why or how does majoring in journalism teach people to write epic novels? I have found a correlation between authors whose novels I have read and a college major in journalism. I took an intro to journalism class one summer and transferred the credit to the college Inwas attending. I have not yet written the great American novel, so the Magic must happen sometime between that class and the final one. But how?

  2. Wonderful….so my question is….how has your difficult journey in life strengthened your resilience and how is that portrayed in your writings and photographs?

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