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Today, I would like you to ask me questions. And I’ll get to that in a moment. First of all, I’d like to mention my mad love for fonts. For a long time, I was limited to only a few fonts, which included some sans serif types, some fonts with serifs, and one that looked like it came out of a typewriter. Now, however, I have a wonderful selection of fonts. Like this one. It’s called Indie flower. Isn’t it cute?

But I digress. Anyway, back to the ask me anything concept. Thank you for coming to visit this site and reading about my adventures. I hope that you’ve been enjoying the stories and pictures. I’m interested in knowing what interests you. What would you like to know about me? What questions do you have to ask? What interests you? What makes you happy? What makes you sad? Is there anything that you would like me to write about in future blog posts? 

Go ahead and ask me anything. In two days, I will select a few questions and I will answer you. So leave a comment below with your questions!, 

3 thoughts on “Ask me anything!!!”

  1. I love your new font! What blog platform do you use and are the fonts on it or do you write your blogs on word and then put on your site?

  2. I have been admiring your new fonts for a while now! Questions – have you ever done karaoke? And if so, did you develop a repertoire? (I had 3 songs I always sang) If you have not ever done it, what would you sing if you did?

  3. Anna Maria Junus

    Love your fonts. Where did you get them? And – what place would you like to go to that you haven't been yet?

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