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“Ask me anything” resulted in two questions!!! But before I answer, I’m going to talk about this new project that I’m doing. You could do it, too. It’s fun, though a bit time consuming. The goal is to spend a month creating a picture. Each day, you make a mark on your page in the medium of your choice: paints, markers, etc. That’s it. One mark a day. It could be an intentional image or something done randomly. I’ve done both. That’s it. After you’ve made your mark, let it dry, if necessary, and set aside. This is my picture after one week. Each week, I will share an update until the picture is done! So… easy peasy. It’s something that you could do. Your kids could do this. Or you could do this as a group, taking turns each day for the mark making.

And now…. onto the questions!!!

Nonnie Vivian: Why do u love bears so much?

Bears are amazing and interesting animals. I love to draw them, and I love to have them as main characters in stories. Here are some really cool factoids about bears:

  • Bears, when happy, jump up and down gleefully.
  • Bears are very smart animals. They are among the smartest land animals in North America.
  • Bear cubs are very playful and a bit mischievous. If they get into too much mischief, the mama bear will step in and get the kids to cut it out.
  • Bears have a good sense of smell. They have great vision, and their hearing is quite acute.
  • Bears are seen as a symbol of power, strength, and love in many cultures.
  • Oh, and William Walton wrote an opera, called “The Bear.” You know that bears are amazing animals if they are the main characters in an opera!!!

Jeanine Byers: Have you started writing your book yet? And if I may, I’d like to ask a follow-up question. If so, how’s it going?

Yes, I did start to write my novel. And then… I got stuck. Hit a roadblock, so to say. It felt like I couldn’t get my main character from point A to point B in any way that made sense. About a month ago, however, I was reciting a poem for no reason whatsoever because I do stuff like that. And it came to me, that bridge for the gap that I experienced. I could see what was going to happen to my character and why exactly she couldn’t speak and had to use drawing as her means of communication. Next month is National Novel Writing Month, and that’s when I will write it all out. And that’s exciting. So let’s see if I can take the story from excitement to an actual novel!!!

Thank you, Jeanine and Vivian, for the questions!!!!

Tomorrow: An update on the Inktober project, with a story (that I will make up tomorrow!)

5 thoughts on “Answers to questions… and more…”

  1. I like the idea of your art project, it might be extra fun to do in December, as an alternative to getting stuff from the advent calendar, kids contribute every day to the painting.
    Good luck completing your story!

  2. I’m so glad you have been writing it and will complete it next month. That’s a great time to do it, with NaNoWriMo! I love teddy bears, but also real ones. I admire the ease with which they hibernate.

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