A pretty snowfall

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It snowed for much of the day, and it looks really pretty. This morning, I was in River Lea, the Grand Island Historical Society’s headquarters at Beaver Island State Park, to do some photography for an upcoming newspaper article. While I was there, the snow started falling, so I headed outside to take pictures of the snowfall. It had sort of a magical feel that made me happy, and I hope that it makes you happy, too.

14 thoughts on “A pretty snowfall”

  1. It’s nowing here in the lower peninsula. No snow since the Christmas blizzared which melted in three days. Send a litttle more this way, I want to do some snow shoeing.
    Great pics!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lovely Alice. Gives the sort of feeling we need at the end of the day, but the gates lead us into a peaceful new day, too.

  3. Alice, your pictures are works of art.. so very serenely pretty and magical.. thank you for sharing them with us (and for me, living in the San Francisco Bay Area means snow is at least 3 hours away by drive..:))

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