Self care…

after your team loses…

I have been a Buffalo Bills fan for years. It has been a roller coaster ride, for sure. There have been good seasons and atrocious ones. There was the bizarre four Superbowl losses in a row, which included the infamous “wide right” field goal attempt. Following those years were many years when the Bills failed to make the playoffs and even years when the Bills hardly won a game.

And then this year… the Bills were advertised in the media as the powerhouse who were destined to win…

the superbowl

which was about to happen… until the Cincinnati Bengals happened, and the Bills didn’t. For me, the football season just stopped abruptly. It felt sad. I needed some me time. So I chose to take a relaxing bath. To make the bath more relaxing, I have lovely soaps made by the incomparable Seema Mojawalla. She sells her soaps at the Island Ship Center in Grand Island, New York, with the brand name, “Seema’s Naturals.” I love her soaps. They smell good and, as a bonus, are full of healthy ingredients that never cause my sensitive skin to react. For sure, the wonderful aromas take me away from the sadness of the lost football game.

Seema’s soaps are pure delight

Another thing that I do is keep a gratitude journal. This is new to me. I started writing in this gratitude journal one week ago. I am trying to be grateful for the small things in life because there really aren’t that many big things, such as cheering on a winning Superbowl team. Well, not this year, anyway. It’s always possible at some point in the future. But I digress. My gratitude is that I can remember that a professional football game is, after all, a game. Which means that there is one winner and one loser. It is sad to see your team lose heart and lose the game. But there is always next year. After a break, they can regain their competitive spirit and can fly as high as they choose. They have the talent to make their dreams come true.

this is the fun journal that I’m writing in.

And then, after you’ve written your gratitudes and washed away the sadness in a relaxing bath, it’s time to celebrate life by being silly. Why not take a goofy selfie… like this?

Have fun, be happy. See you later!!!

8 thoughts on “Self care…”

  1. My sister has season tickets to the Bills. She says she froze yesterday!!! I’m sure she would have loved to take a bath afterwards. What a tough season for Bills fans! It is always disappointing when your team doesn’t make it to the end. But it sounds like you found some comfort in pampering yourself with Seema’s Naturals soaps. I’m sure the wonderful aromas and healthy ingredients were a nice distraction from the sadness of the lost game. So glad to hear that you finally got some much needed me-time to relax and rejuvenate!

    1. It was definitely a cold day to go to a football game. My friend was at the game and was showing pictures of all of the snow!
      I hope that your sister was able to warm up and get in some me-time, as well!

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