A New Home for WaveLengths!

I have been getting my hair care and pampering session at WaveLengths for some time. My hairdresser, Jacquie, succeeds in transforming me every time. I come in with a head looking like an unpruned shrub, and I come out, looking great! Jacquie is not only my hairdresser, she is also my friend and confidant. I asked Jacquie what she thought of the new location, and she said that she loved the size of the shop, as well as the layout of the stations.

Today, I went to a new location to get my pampering and to have my hair pruned… um… cut.

Yeah, well, I could do my own pruning job but… attacking my hair with a set of pruners might not be the best idea to keep me from wearing a hat 24/7. Which would cause the infamous Hat Head… but, when you’ve subjected your own hair to pruners, Hat Head would be a big improvement.

Fortunately, Jacquie is always available to save me from myself and my enthusiastic use of pruners. And, today, she introduced me to the new location.

It is a great spot. If you like food, you’re in luck. Within walking distance, you can find Eggsquisite Eats and the Viking Diner, which I plan on reviewing soon. 

Anyway, the new location is gorgeous! It offers much more space the the old location, which always felt cramped. The decorations are beautiful and very modern. 

blow dryer in the sky

The blow dryers hang from the ceiling, sort of like the Blowdryer of Damocles (or the Sword of Blowdryer).  When the hairdresser wants to use one, she just pulls it down. 

this is the color bar!

And there is a color bar, with seating. You can sit there and watch the hairdressers mix color. 

The only thing that could use some improvement is the hairwashing area.

I need a taller chair!

You sit on a chair, and the sink can be tilted to accommodate your height. It looked great in theory but in practice… I was too short and… a few random and runaway spashes of water later, my wet shirt ended up in the dryer. 

You can’t see the
other customer but you
can see her feet!

Despite the soaking that I got for being Fun Sized, I would have to say that this new beauty salon is definitely a fabulous experience.

Look! My new hair!

And, yes, I left feeling transformed with my new hairdo. (I did take a picture of me, but my eyes were… shut… how do you take a photograph and shut your eyes at the same time? I don’t know, but, somehow, I did that…)

4 thoughts on “A New Home for WaveLengths!”

  1. Happy you liked your new location. My hairdresser (been using her for about 25 years!) moved to a new location about 3 years ago; I still pine for the old location.

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