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Today, I am starting a month long blogging challenge. Actually, I am starting two month-long blogging challenges: the Ultimate Blogging Challenge and the Blogging from A through Z challenge. The theme for the month is finding beauty in likely and unlikely places. Where can I find beauty? Can I find it everywhere or can I find it no where? 

When I was walking through New York State on the Walk for a Nuclear Free Future in 2010, a Buddhist nun named Jun-san taught me about the lotus flower. She said that the lotus flower, which is very beautiful, grows in ugly places, such as dirty ponds. It is the beauty of this flower in the midst of pollution and unpleasantness that gives us hope.

I thought about that lotus flower and about the dirty, smelly ponds when I chose my theme. 

Today, my blog post is about finding beauty in a very likely place. A bakery. Momma De’s Mixing Bowl, which is more than just a store where you buy baked goods.

It’s a place to eat yummy foods and to have fun. Ellen DeNourmand, who is the famous Momma De, offers fun, happy classes. They’re always food related and what isn’t fun about that? On Thursday, I went to Momma De’s to have some fun decorating Easter cookies. Edible art.

What could be more fun than that? I sat with a group of people who decorated fast and then departed. I kept decorating until I was done with all of those cookies.

I truly enjoyed creating edible art. It was fun to use frosting as paint.

I would definitely recommend this as a fun activity for you and your friends and family. It will lift your mood and you get a treat, which is just… um…frosting on the cookie!

13 thoughts on “A is for Art”

  1. Shelly Maynard

    Lovely!! I think when I start indulging on cookies, I'll tell my friends that I'm enjoying "edible art" instead of cookies – doesn't that sound a little healthier?? I definitely feel like art and beauty come in SO many forms and places. It's all around us. We just have to slow down to take it in!

  2. Those cookies look so pretty! Almost too pretty to eat. πŸ™‚ I love that beauty is your theme. I know that means I will enjoy all your posts this month.

  3. I love a wide variety of art, and those bunny cookies were too cute.
    Just learned about the a-z challenge today. Too late to join in.

  4. What a lovely start, Alice! Loved your description and loved the pics too. Gorgeous cookies with those art!

  5. Food art is wonderful, especially the type the Japanese do. It's amazing. Frosted cookies would be almost as good!

  6. Love your theme. It would be interesting to see your finds. I have never tried edible art. But it does look like fun. Do they sell these cookies later?

  7. That's a great theme, to look for beauty in all things around you. look forward to all your posts. Food art is awesome and cookies yum yum.

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