A Halloween tale in blank verse

It was a chilly October morning
when the ghosts and the goblins came to town,
causing the scaredy-cat lady to scream
and the skittish cat to run for cover.

The ghosts did not need anything to eat
but the goblins favored dark chocolate.
Goblins visited a confectioner
who disappeared into the moonless night.

The ghosts and the goblins wandered the streets
in search of friends and something sweet to eat.
Loneliness haunted them with ev’ry step
until one small person stopped to say “hi.”

“Will you be my friend?” asked the tiny girl.
she smiled sweetly and offered her hand.
The goblin lifted up the little girl
and whirled her around ‘neath the silver moon.

The goblin showed the girl the land of dreams,
of sprites and unicorns and magic things.
A special gift on a Halloween night
for a girl who was not easily scared.

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