A Duck’s World (my first phone video!)

It’s time for me to step out of my comfort zones and share a short video that I made with my phone. It was late in August, and I was on litter pickup detail at Buffalo Harbor State Park when I realized that there were ducks at my feet, following me around. Really. I’m not exaggerating. So I photographed the ducks. What I didn’t realize until later was the my camera was actually taking video, even though I thought that I was taking still photos. Silly me. Almost as silly as a duck. I have to work at keeping up with my technology. Here, however, I will share a still photo of the duck that was following me around, looking for food, not realizing that I was collecting unappetizing trash.

Later on, I was walking by the marina, and I was watching the ducks in the water. This time, I decided to make a few videos of duck life in the water. So these are my first attempts at purposely making videos with a phone. I found making the videos to be fun. They are kind of beginner-ish, but I hope that you enjoy watching the ducks at the marina. Here is one of the videos that I made of the ducks in the water. Also, it is my first youtube video! 

5 thoughts on “A Duck’s World (my first phone video!)”

  1. Ducks are always fun to watch (and photograph and video too!)… Looking forward to more storytelling with videos from you!

  2. That is amazing that you were followed around by a duck! I remember one time seeing a family of ducks walking down the street where I lived. Several of us were on our way to work, but they were in no hurry, LOL. Congrats on making your first YouTube video!!

  3. Great job on the video and I enjoyed seeing the Ducks following you. If you knew one of my dreams its to have a Duck as a pet one day.

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