A Day of Alice

Note: I am participating in a seven-day blogging challenge,
called the Write Tribe Festival of Words. Write Tribe is an online community of
bloggers that “urges you to write bravely.” The day four prompt is
to feature a day in my life or someone else’s life. I’ve chosen
to feature two activities/events from today. (link to Write Tribe.com)

The first activity/event: Food is always a good thing so I am featuring the omelette that I cooked for breakfast this morning. I started by chopping garlic, green pepper, and summer squash, which I sauteed.

Then I mixed one egg with almond milk, tarragon, dill weed, and parmesan cheese.

I use just one egg to produce an omelette that is thin like a crepe. After letting the egg mixture cook for about three minutes, I added chopped up tomato and feta cheese.

Then I covered the egg and cooked it for another three minutes. And voila! One omelette, ready to eat.

The second event: I went to the Buffalo History Museum for Indigenous Peoples Day and Commemorate Nuclear Free Future Day.

It featured speakers, music, a video, a delicious potluck meal, and a lantern float. I didn’t stay for the lantern float but I designed two lanterns for the event. 

Here were some of the things that were said at the Buffalo History Museum:

Nikki went to Standing Rock, North Dakota, where many people stood with the Standing Rock Sioux against the Dakota Access Pipeline being placed in their territory. She said: “Standing Rock was an awakening of staying in prayer… it was good energy… people were awakening throughout Turtle Island… there were different races and colors… we thought that it was an indigenous issue… we marched at the federal building in Bismark, North Dakota… we were there for water and Mother Earth… we were singing and praying… a SWAT team surrounded us… it was scary… did I tell my kids that I love them this morning?… we stayed in prayer and ceremony… we sent elders to the center… nonnatives protected us in the outer circle… everyone has a purpose… it was a humbling moment… we stand for future generations, mother earth, and water…”

Agnes Williams: “We don’t own the earth; we are just the caretakers.”

Joanne Shenandoah belongs to the wolf clan of the Oneida Nation.

She is a professional musician with eighteen albums, who has won a Grammy and fourteen Native American music awards. She sang a variety of songs with her daughter. “Singing lifts the spirit. It’s my mission in life. We should not be afraid and fear the spirit world… I’ve been to many continents, where people want to live in peace. We take time every day to ask for blessings to fill heart and soul. All music is healing. Music is a gift of life.” Her ancestor was Chief Shenandoah, who said, “We must not simply speak on peace. We must act peace. We must be peace.”

Doug George, of the Bear Clan of the Mohawk Nation: “What can we do to change the course of this plant and preserve the earth. It is our guiding principal to defend the rights of the unborn for seven generations. These rights are clean water, clean air, a fertile land, and an atmosphere of freedom. Ecuador and Bolivia have enshrined these rights in their constitutions. We are no longer passive victims.
A view of Mirror Lake from the Buffalo History Museum

We were invited to decorate lanterns for the float at dusk in Mirror Lake. I didn’t know what to draw so I drew a shape and then made the shape into a person. I made another shape and another person on the other side of the bag. After that, I chose the title, “Cartoonie People for a Nuclear-Free Future.”

It’s Banana Man!!

Who knows where Cartoonie People will be seen next?

Question for you: What were some of the highlights of your day?

8 thoughts on “A Day of Alice”

  1. Alice, that is a grand omelette. I would normally put onions, chillies and salt and thats it. I liked the community even you went to. My day was boring as I had too much of work to do. Just waiting for the weekend when I take a long rail trip.

  2. Cerebrations.biz

    I have never really loved omelets. Which is funny because I love shakshuka.
    Interesting exhibit your described.

  3. Yummy omelette, Alice. The event you attended sounds fun. And I loved the cartoonie people. They looked adorable. Thank you for sharing your day. It was so fun to read. 🙂

  4. Ishieta@Isheeria

    That omelette looks quite good ☺️
    I agree with Agnes & Doug… It would be great if everyone started thinking beyond themselves!!!
    My days are crazy & hectic. & there is ice cream, so i am ok ??

  5. A nice, healthy, omelet. Meanwhile, I was at work (and helping to fill the slack of someone on vacation) and stress overeating, never a good thing. I rather would have had your omelet.

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