A celebration of local food

Today, I went to the third annual farm to table community dinner, sponsored by Grand Island Farms, Inc.

It is a fundraiser for the farming group, a celebration of the harvest, and a fun community event.

This year, the community dinner featured music, a basket raffle, a 50-50 split, and an award to a friend of local agriculture.

Liz helped greatly with
planning, organization,
and clean up.

The dinner offered an opportunity for those of us who appreciate local agriculture to share a meal and enjoy one another’s company.

My sister Diane shared her poems with the Rev. Cal VanderMey of the Bible Fellowship Center.

The three of us also discovered that we share a love for puns.

At this table, I found Lee
Tetkowski (weaver and retired
art teacher), Jerri Page (former
editor of the Island Dispatch), and
Nathan McMurray (town

I walked around before dinner and was so happy to see friends, both new and old, at the event, which was sold out.

The award, the first ever, went to Grand Island Town Supervisor Nathan McMurray for his support of local agriculture. Nate spoke about the value of local agriculture. He said that agriculture has improved the Grand Island community, via a regular farmers market and a variety of events, designed to educate both and adults about locally grown and produced foods. For his efforts at supporting and encouraging local agriculture, Nate won a chicken, which would be good for display in a case or as a paperweight.

3 thoughts on “A celebration of local food”

  1. Where do you want to go today?

    Can you imagine local farmers taking back market share from the big production companies?

    Maybe if people choose to eat less processed food.

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