A celebration of autumn

Today, I went out in search of autumnal images. What looks like autumn? What tastes like autumn? What does autumn feel like? Here are some of the images of autumn, as they are celebrated at Tom Thompson’s farmers’ market and at the second annual fall festival at Kelly’s Country Store.

To me, autumn feels like the last days of warmth before winter arrives with snows and winds and monochromatic iciness.

Autumn is the vivid color of falling leaves before they become old and crunchy and brittle. Autumnal colors are warm.

They are reds and oranges and yellows and the few remaining greens. Autumn is the season that glows brightly before the trees go dormant. Autumn is fragile beauty. 

Autumn tastes like the apples that fall from the tree. It tastes like cider and winter squash and roasted squash seeds.

Autumn tastes like apple pie and pumpkin bread. It tastes like spaghetti squash covered with pesto.

So autumn is celebrated. It is celebrated for the harvest and it is celebrated as

the last gift of color that nature makes until spring pokes fragile greenery through the snow-covered ground. 

Kelly’s Country Store, Grand Island, New York
autumn squashes 
farmers’ market, at Thompson & Son farm in Grand Island.

6 thoughts on “A celebration of autumn”

  1. I would say you sure got a great variety of fall sites Alice! Fall is my favorite season because of all the beautiful colors!

  2. Kebba Buckley Button

    Alice, what gorgeous pictures! Wow! I've never seen such colorful corn. I used to live in the Hudson Valley, and my celebration of Autumn always involved driving the Taconic Parkway to see the unbelievable colors of the changing Fall leaves. Also, the sight of pumpkin, and the tastes of pumpkin dishes, would send me into Autumn Joy. Thanks for the images and the memories.


  3. Wow, I love all those beautiful autumn pics!! How fun, to take an autumn walk. I need to do that soon, too, but the leaves aren't quite ready for me here, yet.

  4. The pics are amazing and your description of autumn matches it aptly. being in India I have never experienced autumn but now that I am on a 2 month trip to Switzerland and autumn is kicking in, I see the magnificence.

  5. I love little country stores like that – especially in autumn when they have huge displays of unusual pumpkins and squashes. I really should get back to our closest one.

  6. I just love the pics of the fresh produce you keep putting up Alice. I wish I had some of them in my area as I would love to dig my teeth into that delish looking corn cobs for sure!!

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