Yes, you too can dance


Yesterday, I returned to the Niagara Dance Centre, where I had been a tap dance student from the fall of 2015 until the spring of 2016. I had loads of fun then and got to dance in the recital. Being on stage in costume is as much fun as Halloween (my favorite holiday).

Unfortunately, transportation and other logistics got in the way of continuing the fun. But, this year, everything came together, and I returned, with my friend Amy and my sister Diane. It was wonderful to see the teacher, Miss Cathy, again, as well as the other students. 

Tap dance is fun and it is good exercise, too. Amy said that it helps her with her balance. For me, tap dance helps me work on my rhythm, which I’ve always struggled with, both as a singer and when playing the piano. When you do tap dance, you become a rhythm instrument. Your shoes make a noise, and you make that noise in beat with the music. 

And there are other benefits to tap dance besides being a rhythm instrument. As I mentioned, tap dance is good cardiovascular exercise. When you dance, you will become more flexible and more in control of your body. Also, dance is good for exercising your mind. You have to learn steps and then you have to learn combinations and then you learn an entire dance routine. And dance is a social event. You dance with other people, who also really enjoy dancing.

You are never too old to learn how to dance. I can’t encourage it enough. I used to think that I was too old to learn how to dance… until I started doing it. Give dance a try. It is a fun type of exercise. There is nothing like getting in shape and putting on a show at the same time.

5 thoughts on “Yes, you too can dance”

  1. i truly enjoy dancing and i agree with all you have said about dancing, i learned a classical indian style for most of my growing years and a few folk styles as well. Now it is all about zumba 🙂
    and my daughter loves tap.. she is also loving and learning jazz along with tap for a few years now..

    love the pics

  2. I love dancing!!!! When I was growing up, I took dance lessons, starting off with ballet, tap and jazz. But before long, it was all jazz, all the time! I even took lessons as a young adult and was in several recitals. I wish I could take lessons again and maybe someday, I will. But meanwhile, how wonderful that you are dancing again. I love your costume! I don't think I have ever loved one of mine, except maybe the one I wore when we danced to Prince's Bateman song.

  3. That is so cool to be able to continue dancing again! I have never tap danced but my daughter use to and I loved watching them in recitals.

  4. I don't know how to dance but now that my son is Homeschooling and he tries to Tap Dance it might be time for us to take a class as he can use the class for PE.

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