Y is for Yes, it’s springtime in beautiful Buffalo!

Today, I went to Buffalo to buy a few art supplies and to visit the cherry blossom festival at the Japanese gardens at Mirror Lake behind the Buffalo History Museum.

I traveled to and around Buffalo by bus and subway. For five dollars, you can get a day pass, which is good all day long. I made good use of that bus pass.

I saw this little cutie on Allen Street,
after my visit to Hyatt’s.

My first stop, once I got into the city, was to go to Hyatt’s (All Things Creative), on Main Street, near Allen Street.  Today was the second day of the attic sale. Everything was nicely discounted. I purchased a drawing set for half price. It includes: artists pencils, graphite pencils, hard pastels, a kneaded eraser, a pencil sharpener, sandpaper, and a blending stick. My other purchase was a gessoed painting panel. Media suggested are oils, acrylics, and various multi media techniques.

Window display at Allen Street business.

After that, I left Hyatts and walked down Allen Street to Elmwood Avenue, to wait for the bus. It felt kind of cold and it looked as if it might rain, but I still decided to see the cherry blossoms at the Japanese gardens. While I was waiting for the bus, I noticed that a lot of bubbles were floating in the air. Where did they come from? Then I saw that, every few minutes, large groups of bubbles came from the second story window in the building across the street. The bubbles fluttered across the street and, eventually, broke apart as they hit pavement. I watched people walking by to see how they would react to the sudden onslaught of bubbles. Oddly enough, almost no one paid the slightest attention to the fact that, as they crossed the street, they were surrounded by bubbles.

Tree is covered with pink
blossoms and buds.

After I got on the bus, I watched the city as I traveled through it. Elmwood Avenue is full of shops and restaurants and people walking down the street. Almost before I know it, it was time to get off the bus. I was at the History Museum! I walked behind the building and I was at the Japanese Gardens, a gift from Buffalo’s sister city, Kanazawa, Japan. People were there, looking at the trees, taking pictures, and going for a boat ride.

Sculpture on an island in Mirror Lake

The trees were covered in soft blossoms, some white and some pink, and in delicate baby leaves. I got a chance to have a ride in a boat. The water in the lake was clear and calm. 

After exploring the gardens, I went inside to explore the Buffalo History Museum, which was founded in 1862 by a group that had compiled a collection of manuscripts, photographs, paintings, and other artifacts. Over time, the collection of artifacts, available to the general public and to researchers, grew, and the museum needed more space. In 1901, Buffalo was the host site of the Pan American Exposition. Most of the buildings 

A group enjoys a boat ride.

at the exposition were temporary, but a few still stand. One of those buildings was used as the New York State Building. It was designed by George Cary. Ever since the Pan American Exposition closed, that building has been the home of the Buffalo History Museum.

The trees are covered with lush flowers
and soft baby leaves.

After I left the Buffalo History Museum, I walked down one of the richest streets in Buffalo. The architecture of these large mansion-style houses was fascinating so I had a good time taking pictures of doors, windows, trees, and flowers.

This is the Buffalo History Museum.

Once I arrived at Delaware Avenue, I headed home by a variety of transportation options, including bus, my own feet, and automobile. 

And, fortunately, the rain held off. 

Celebrating the cherry blossoms.

I had ridden on a bus, a subway, and a few automobiles. It wasn’t quite “train, plane, and automobile” because… well… no airplane.

A mansion and some of its
doors and windows.

6 thoughts on “Y is for Yes, it’s springtime in beautiful Buffalo!”

  1. Sounds like you had a very exciting day! I love spring when the flowers and trees begin to blossom and then watch them open into beautiful flowers!

  2. You had an interesting day in the big city. The Japanese Garden is charming, isn't it? And Y could be for Yorkie.

  3. Sounds like a fun day. My husband is Japanese and we would love to see the Gardens. Maybe we can see the ones in Buffalo one day. Thanks for sharing. p.s. love the puppy 🙂

  4. love the tour of the city through your lens..
    We have a Japanese garden (Hakone gardens in Saratoga, CA) 3 miles down the road and the moment we enter it, seems like we are transported to another world away from the busyness just outside…

  5. The cherries are in full, gorgeous bloom here, and I could only wish we had a Japanese garden to highlight them in.

  6. Lovely description, Alice! So much fun!
    Nice that you noticed the bubbles. People don't have time to observe such pleasures.

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