Y is for yellow

Yellow. Such a cheerful color. Now that it is springtime, I thought that I would share images of yellowness with you. Yellow is a clear sunny day. It’s the yolk of an egg. It’s a crocus. It’s lemonade. It’s a daffodil. It’s forsythia, blossoming early in spring.

Yellow is a dandelion, considered a weed. That’s one way of looking at the dandelion. To me, it looks like little reflections of sunlight all over the ground.

The yellowness of lemon and lemon juice, so yummy in a cup of tea.

Yellow is a primary color. Its complimentary color is purple. If you mix yellow and purple paint, you’ll get a chromatic neutral. It will be a vibrant gray. If you were to mix white and black, you would also get gray but it would be less vibrant than the chromatic neutral that you get from mixing two complimentary colors (yellow and purple, red and green, and blue and orange). 

If you mix yellow with another primary color, you’ll create a secondary color. Yellow mixed with red makes orange. Yellow mixed blue makes green.

Here are some more images of the yellowness of spring.

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