World Day of Prayer 2010 pictures

World Day of Prayer is an international event that was held on March 5th. It is an interdenominational service that is written by women in a different country each year. It is celebrated in 170 countries on the first Friday in March.
This year, the prayers were written by the women of Cameroon, and the theme was: “Let Everything that has Breath Praise God.” If you’d like to see pictures of women involved in day-to-day life in Cameroon, take a look at World Day of Prayer picture page. 
The prayer service offered lively uplifting music. At the Grand Island event, 37 participants enjoyed singing and playing rhythm instruments. The message of the service was simple, yet powerful. Despite the circumstances in which we may find ourselves, as long as we have breath, and, therefore, life, we can praise God and thank him for that gift of life.

After the service, we enjoyed delicious refreshments. This included the yummy fruit salad pictured above, as well as punch and lemon squares and corn muffins and other treats.
Next year’s service will be written by the women of Chile. That country was chosen well before the devastating earthquake struck on February 27th.

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