wildflowers of summer

yes!!! Purple!!!

I drew this while I was watching So You Think You Can Dance. I can feel movement in this flower. Much thanks to the dancers for their beautiful and artistic movement.

I found this at River Lea, the home of the Grand Island Historical Society.

just purple. more purple. so many wildflowers are purple…

I was trying to channel my inner Georgia O’Keefe!!!

This grows everywhere. It’s called a weed but it ‘s so pretty and, of course, purple.

Apparently, purple flowers are very hardy in the wild.

Queen Anne’s Lace is another very sturdy plant.

These guys will not wait on line. If you don’t draw their portrait immediately, they will protest by wilting to nothing! They have set a speed record for wilting to nothing.

Rose of Sharon.

Weed? Flower? I’ve learned this year that the difference between the two is as simple as I love it, I love it not…

Purple rules!!

These reminded me of umbrellas!!!

Just when I was ready to give up on finding a flower that I hadn’t already drawn, I found this bluish violet flower!

This hydrangea isn’t technically a wild flower. But I drew it anyway. Oh! This was work, with all of those little flowerettes! But… it’s good for character building… I guess…

This one seems to me to be the epitome of summertime…

Another version of a daisy.

cone flower

Yellow flowers abound, too! And purple and yellow are complementary colors!!! Nature is awesome!

Black eyed Susan, version two

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  1. enjoying your drawings–also commentary-I have daisy and cone flower as well as hollyhock and a small jungle of trumpet vine constantly trying to attach to our mobile! djp

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