What would you like to read next?

What would you like to read next? How about an interesting and colorful blog?

One of the most delightful things about participating in a blogging challenge is the chance to meet other bloggers via the internet. I have truly enjoyed many of the blogs that I have read during this ongoing challenge, and I am pleased and happy to recommend six blogs. They represent a diversity in writing styles and in topics. Take a look at them.  They are quite delightful, and I think that you will enjoy reading them as much as I do.

First of all, I would like to encourage you to read Jeanine Byers’ blog, titled “Meet Jeanine.” Jeanine is one of my favorite bloggers.  Over a number of blogging challenges, I have had the opportunity to read aspects of Jeanine’s story. She is a homeschooling mom and a lifestyle blogger. She’s written about winter blues/seasonal affective disorder, hygge, relaxation, and yoga, and more. I look forward to reading her blog entries. She includes videos and her posts are always beautifully and sensitively written.  That is not a surprise because Jeanine is an author, who has written an e-book about the slow lifestyle. Here is a link to Jeanine’s blog: “Meet Jeanine”
The next blog that I would like to recommend is a travel blog, written by Doug Jarvie. He is a Canadian who travels all over the world, taking pictures and soaking up different cultures and experiences. If, like me, you can’t really afford to travel the world, this beautifully illustrated and written blog is the next best thing. Doug takes you on a tour of the world through his posts. You get to see beautiful architecture, spectacular nature, and so much more. Here is a link to Doug’s blog: “Where would you like to go today?”
Kandas Rodarte’s blog is another one that I would encourage you to read. Kandas calls herself the “Mom Geek.” She is a buisiness coach, who helps people grow their small businesses. She has a positive approach to business that helps her clients succeed. She writes about business and she writes about her personal life. She is living with metastatic breast cancer. Fortunately, it is currently in remission. She approaches every part of her life’s journey, whether it be business or cancer, with the same enthusiasm. Here is a link to Kandas’ blog: Kandas’ story!
Vidya Laka is the Lady in Read. She writes about books and sometimes writes poetry. She loves books and her blog reflects her love of all things literary. In addition to writing about books and her love of reading, she also writes about art and music and travel with the same enthusiasm that she shows for books. This is a very delightful blog, and I would encourage you to check it out. Here is a link to Vidya’s blog: portal to Lady in Read’s blog.
Stuart Nager is a professional storyteller, a teacher, and writer. He describes himself as “wearing many hats.” His blog is one of the most creative blogs that I have the pleasure of reading. He writes flash fiction (these are very short stories, sometimes under 100 words), poetry, and stories written in a serial format. He has a gift for cliffhangers and he brings the suspense/horror theme to life in so many different ways. He is sort of like the 21st century version of Edgar Allen Poe. If you are looking for something well written and hair raising, this is where you need to look. You get the wits scared out of you but you always come back, ready for more. Here is a link to Stuart’s blog: Stuart’s scary stories!
Alana Montante writes about music, travel, life in Central New York, and much more. Her photography is spectacular. Her blog post is a feast of photographs, musical selections, and stories. Looking at her blog motivated me to take pictures of flowers and of the sky. I enjoy Alana’s blog so much. Check it out at: “Ramblin’ with AM.”

7 thoughts on “What would you like to read next?”

  1. Thank you so much, Alice, for your kind words about me and my blog!! Great choices for the other blogs, too!

  2. Wow. Thank you so much, Alice. What a "Good Morning" wake up. SUPER BIG HUGS!!!!

    …and then the door closed and locked itself, sealing them in the crypt. 🙂

  3. What a lovely spotlight post! I also love the photos you included. I'll be checking into the blogs you shared.

  4. Thank you for this wonderful shoutout, Alice:) You make me sound so much better and now I will strive to be as delightful as you describe me/my blog…

  5. Where do you want to go today?

    Hi Alice,
    This challenge has brought together a community of caring people. It is wonderful to drop into the lives of these members and learn as well as teach and share.
    Thanks for the boost.
    Blog on!

  6. Thank you for the shoutout Alice! (I humbly must point out, however that, as much as I like how you rendered my last name, it isn't spelled right. But that's OK. I was never a great speller myself. And your words were so kind!

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