#WednesdayVerses Dreaming in colors

bright decorations
cover a small oval shape
bursting with color

Insects as artwork
represent brightly colored
days and dream-filled nights

Did the earth catch fire?
The sun leaves a parting gift:
magic before night

15 thoughts on “#WednesdayVerses Dreaming in colors”

  1. Cerebrations.biz

    These photos will work wonders as the wind and clouds come in to change our weather from 70 to cold and blustery.

  2. Oh I loved those eggs and the insect artworks! So pretty! Did you paint those eggs, Alice?
    The sunset was, of course, beautiful!

  3. Such lovely verses with the lovely pictures. Loved this. Thank you for linking up with #WednesdayVerses

  4. The pic of the coloured eggs made me click on the link ALice-beautifully done pieces and the verse is so apt!

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